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Winter gritting

During the winter months Telford & Wrekin Council are continuously working hard to keep you safe and on the move during bad weather.

See below answers to some frequently asked questions about winter maintenance and gritting.

How can I be prepared?

  • Always remember that when there is a severe weather warning, only travel when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Be aware: Watch the weather forecast and listen to the travel updates locally and nationally.
  • Do the necessary safety checks on your car: Check you have enough petrol/diesel for your journey, check your water, wiper blades, oil and tyre pressure before travelling.
  • If travelling make sure you pack: warm clothes, ice scraper, de-icer, blankets, torch, first aid kit, shovel, maps/GPS, food, water and sunglasses in case of glare from the sun.
  • Get involved: find out about volunteering as a Neighbourhood Snow Warden in your local area. View our Neighbourhood Snow Wardens page for more information about snow wardens.

Where do we grit?

A total of 443.83 kilometres of road are treated across the borough. All the roads are divided into the defined network and non defined network of road depending on their priority. However the Council routinely grits:

Primary routes:

  • A and B roads
  • Roads serving fire, ambulance and police establishments
  • Main bus routes in the following centres: Telford Town Centre, Dawley, Madeley, Newport, Oakengates, Wellington and Ironbridge 
  • Access roads to transport interchanges.

Secondary routes:

  • Other regular bus routes (The regular bus routes are defined as Monday to Friday routes with a minimum of one bus per hour during the main part of the day)
  • Feeder roads to schools (roads linking main salting routes to main school entrances)
  • Main access roads on industrial estates (Halesfield, Stafford Park, Hortonwood)
  • One access route to main villages/hamlets and minor sections of road for continuity.

Priority will always be given to primary routes before secondary routes.
Grit bins may be provided at high risk sites such as steep hills and severe bends.

Do we grit your road?

We grit a large number of roads throughout the borough. To see whether your road is one of them view the list of roads that are gritted.

Alternatively you can view the map showing the gritting routes in the area. Download the gritting routes map for your area.

Why don't we grit your road?

Not all roads can be gritted, but the Council has a list of primary and secondary routes that are gritted.
Priority is given to roads leading to:

  • hospitals, fire, ambulance and police stations
  • bus and railway stations and other public transport stations
  • main shopping areas
  • schools.

Do we grit footpaths and cylceways?

Footpaths/cycleways and Borough Towns/district centres that will be treated when frost is forecast are the defined footway routes at the following locations:

  • adopted footpaths in Telford Town centre.

Footpaths serving the main shopping areas of:

  • Wellington
  • Dawley
  • Madeley
  • Newport
  • Ironbridge
  • Oakengates.

In the event of prolonged snow or ice footway/cycleway will be treated in a priority order. The order starts with town centres and local district centres.

Last updated: 15/02/2023 14:44

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