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Winter gritting

Parish/Town councils and Ward Members can request for an assessment for a grit bin on your behalf and an assessment will be carried out by a Winter Maintenance Officer.

If the assessment does not show that the location is a high risk site and if the request is from a Parish Council or Community Group then a grit bin can be provided if a contribution is made towards its provision and annual filling costs. Currently the costs are £100 to install and £40 per annum to fill.

View information on requesting a grit bin in a new location.

Complete our online form to request a grit bin refill

You can report if a road has not been gritted or still icy, you can also request a one-off or emergency grtting, however, this option should only be used for:

  • emergencies, for example, where medical staff are unable to get to residents
  • requests from emergency services, for example, Police, Ambulance or Fire Service

Do not use to log requests for general icy roads or if you are unable to get out of your road. These are not classed as an emergency - please refer to the Winter Service Policy Statement.

Complete our online form for winter gritting routes

Last updated: 15/02/2023 15:08

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