Notice: 19 November 2020

A round-up of news, guidance and key updates for education settings.

Included in this update:

Director Update

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Education Noticeboard. You all continue to respond in extraordinary ways at this time and are doing all you can to keep our schools open, which is a remarkable achievement.  The Health Protection Hub and members of the education team continue to work closely with colleagues in our educational settings. Please do contact us when you need to.

In the noticeboard this week there are key updates from the Health Protection Hub, including information about testing for staff in education settings. In addition, there are some updated documents including a new flowchart when a school becomes aware of a positive case, a contact list of Environmental Health Officers by school and a new letter that will be sent to parents when their child needs to self-isolate. Health and safety have provided some useful tips and learning points  following site visits to our educational settings about face masks/coverings and cleaning.  

Can I also request that secondary schools and post 16 providers refresh messages to their young people about the need to wear face coverings when on public transport, which is mandatory for children from year 7 and above, unless exemptions apply. The majority are doing a great job but we have had a few members of the public contact us reporting some issues. Your support to reinforce the message would be really appreciated.  We have re-published the Travel to School video below for you to share with your students.

Also featured this week is an article about the national Kickstart programme (not to be confused with our local Kickstart provision) which provides the opportunity for a fully paid 25 hour post within your educational setting. It is a Government initiative to create job opportunities for young people who are aged 16-25 and at risk of long term unemployment. Each placement will be supported by an Employment Support Officer from the Skills team. Please take a look to see if this would be of interest to you.

Finally we want to celebrate all the fantastic work of our early years providers, schools and post 16 providers. Many of you share brilliant examples of the work you do via your twitter feeds and we really want to share those more widely through our council channels. Where you feel it is appropriate please tag the Council’s media accounts @TelfordWrekin (via Facebook and Twitter) when posting. We are keen to share some of your work in the Education Noticeboard too – watch this space!

Once again, I would like to share my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work supporting children and young people in Telford & Wrekin.

Best wishes


Simon Wellman
Director: Education and Skills

Sharing Good News Stories

In the coming weeks we want to celebrate all the fantastic work of our early years providers, schools and post 16 providers. This could include the various and imaginative ways you are providing education to children and young people including outdoor activities, creative curriculum and wellbeing support.

Many of you share brilliant examples of the work you do via your twitter feeds and we would love to share those more widely through our council channels.

How you can help us…

We know many of you have social media accounts – either Facebook or Twitter. Where you feel it’s appropriate if you could please start to share some of your positive stories – the more, the better!

When posting good news stories, please tag our social media accounts, so that we can share with a wider audience.

Facebook: @TelfordWrekin
Twitter: @TelfordWrekin

We can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Covid-19 Headteacher Notification Table

From Monday 23rd November we are changing the frequency of communication to you regarding positive coronavirus cases in Telford & Wrekin education settings. These emails will now be sent on a Monday. Once the bubbles have returned to settings they will be removed from the list. Pupil and staff self-isolation figures will still be recorded internally.

Any enquiries can be sent by email to:

Early Years Settings - Latest Government Guidance Updates

You must tell Ofsted if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your nursery, childminder business or other day care. You should also tell us if you have to close your setting as a result.

Guidance: Tell Ofsted if you have a COVID-19 incident at your childcare business

Updated Guidance – Information for Parent/Carers

Updated guidance that includes information on the national restrictions by adding a ‘national restrictions’ section and updating the relevant information about face coverings, clinically extremely vulnerable children and extra-curricular activities.

Guidance: What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Regular Testing for Staff in Education Settings

The Council would now like offer regular testing for staff in education settings through local testing centres in Telford & Wrekin. These are the drive thru sites at Ironbridge Park & Ride and Randlay Lorry Park and the walk thru centres in: Oakengates, Donnington, Wellington, Madeley and Harper Adams.

Staff would not need to self – isolate if being tested asymptomatically, unless they have been a close contact of a positive case or have someone symptomatic in the household.

Staff can book tests directly via the Government’s Get Coronavirus Test web page.

Download: Booking a COVID-19 test on the advice of the Local Authority.

Health Protection Hub – Updated Documents

Updated documents from the Health Protection Hub are available to download, these include a revised process flow chart for positive cases, a list of email contacts for schools of their EHO and a copy of the email the hub will be sending to parents of students who are asked to self-isolate. The hub is asking that schools send a list of pupils that have been identified as contacts and that need to self-isolate to the hub. The hub will then send the email to the parents. This then carries the statutory requirement to self-isolate.

Download: School Flow Chart 17 November 2020.
Download: EHO School Leads.

Schools will still be required to send their own letter to parents, for the full suite of letters please see: COVID-19 guidance and a suite of letters which can be used in the event of suspected/positive case in your school

Health & Safety – Face Masks vs Face Coverings

A reminder for schools regarding the difference between Face Masks and Face Coverings.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are not classified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Face coverings are largely intended to protect others, not the wearer
  • Face coverings should fit securely and comfortably around the nose and mouth
  • Face coverings should be safely stored in individual sealed plastic bags between uses

Face Masks Type IIR
These are Fluid Repellent Surgical Face Mask (FRSM)

  • This face mask will cover you from respiratory droplets
  • They are a barriers to prevent droplets reaching your mouth and nose.
  • They also protect other people from the wearer
  • You should not touch your face mask with your hands
  • They are single use mask and once removed and new mask should be used

Face masks must be disposed of and not continued to be used if: 

  • Damaged
  • Soiled
  • Damp
  • Uncomfortable
  • Difficult to breathe through

Performing any first aid
Where any direct contact is required a Face Mask must be used. This mask can be worn for sessional use, but as soon as removed must be disposed of immediately and a new mask used.
After removal of face coverings or face mask, hand hygiene must be adhered to.

For further enquiries please contact us by email at: or

Health & Safety – Effective Cleaning Chemicals against Coronavirus

Coronaviruses is an enveloped viruses, which has a protective fat layer. To ensure that the cleaning chemicals and products that you are being used within your schools, they must comply with European standards EN14476  for it to be effective against Coronavirus.

The only way that any cleaning detergents are effective, is if they are diluted to the manufactures guidance and that the contact times are adhered to.

This applies to all disinfectants, sanitisers and wipes.

For further enquiries please contact us by email at: or

Please share this video - Travel to School

We are requesting secondary schools and post 16 providers to share this video with students who use transport to travel to school.

Road Safety Improvements for Schools

More road safety schemes are being introduced to improve safety around schools in Telford and Wrekin over the winter. 

The schemes, which are funded through Telford & Wrekin Council’s Pride in Our Community programme, are in response to issues raised by schools to address concerns around traffic speeds, pedestrian safety and inappropriate parking. 

Since 2018, £850k has been invested in 42 schemes, and another 12 schemes are planned, bringing the total invested to £1.1m Councillor Lee Carter, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood, Commercial Services and Regeneration explains.

Laptops for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Children and Funding for a Digital Education Platform

The government’s Get Help With Technology scheme now includes support for clinically extremely vulnerable children who need to self-isolate longer term. This includes laptops, tablets and 4G routers. This is in addition to any laptops allocated to your school as a result of bubble closures. If you have any young people who you believe qualify for this, please contact Andy Cooke (Service Delivery Manager Pupil Support Services) with details of the name of the student, the background to their need to self-isolate and the type of device which they would benefit from. For academies, this application will need to be made through your trust.

Additionally, you can also request funding to get set up on a digital education platform, either Google Education or Microsoft 365 for Education. The government can help you set up one for free, find out more at: Get funding and support to set up a digital education platform.

Andy Cooke
Service Delivery Manager Pupil Support Services


Free School Meals – Eligibility

We know the likelihood is that more children will have become eligible for Free School Meals due to the coronavirus situation. Can we please ask that you encourage your families to apply if they meet any of the criteria below. The benefits for eligible children extend beyond the provision of a free school meal as the school will also receive Pupil Premium Grant Funding to support learning for these children, and this funding extends for six years regardless of whether the pupil remains eligible.

Children are eligible if parents meet the following criteria:

  • you or your partner have a child for whom you receive Child Benefit and who is attending a school or college in Telford and Wrekin and you get any of the following:

More information is available including how to apply on Telford & Wrekin Council, Free School Meals and a flyer is available to download and share with parents.

Download: Free School Meals Flyer

Free School Meals – Support for Schools

A working group has been set up to support schools as they provide free school meals (vouchers) to children who are self-isolating. This group has been looking at the various voucher systems that are in place. Several schools have provided feedback and are trialling systems in order to provide feedback on how they work, we will keep you updated with the results.

Government Guidance: Providing school meals during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

FSM Electronic Vouchers

Free school meals vouchers, Edenred UK are working with the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver supermarket vouchers to those families, where schools are not able to make food available directly to families. 

Available supermarkets:

  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Asda
  • Waitrose
  • M&S food
  • Aldi
  • McColl’s (including RS McColl’s and Martin’s)
  • Iceland
  • Company Shop.

View the Edenred website for more information.

Gift Card Centre

They operate a non-profit element called Helping Hands, schools can make purchases online free of admin costs for the following supermarkets (schools can order all of their vouchers in one online transaction) 

  • Marks and Spencer’s
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsbury
  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Aldi

Schools may wish to survey FSM parents to ascertain a supermarket preference in advance (in case self-isolation is required) 

Digital codes can be processed in one transaction and sent directly to parents electronically who can then use them at their chosen supermarket

Helping Hands is currently working with 1690 – LAs, Schools and Universities 

Gift Card Centre - Helping Hands

School Vouchers

Supermarket vouchers can be sent directly to parents using a simple and secure voucher system, which is connected to the MIS system.

School Vouchers

Direct from Supermarkets

E-gift cards

Morrisons Food Box

Morrisons Schoolbox delivery service has been set up to support schools by providing a food pack for pupils who are isolating. If you need any further information on our school box offering please email us at and a member of the team will be happy to talk you through the details. 

Download: Box contents and a suggested weekly menu.

The cost of the box is £12.50 per child.

How to Place an Order:

1. Google Sign Up  - We will need to set you up with a Morrisons Google account to be able to place your order. This ensures we are GDPR compliant. 

Once you confirm you would like to proceed, we will register for an account for you. Once the account has been requested, you will receive an email with details of how to login within the following 1-3 days. When you receive this email, you will then have 24 hours to login before the account expires. 

2. Information Proforma - attached to this email, you will find a proforma (Spreadsheet) which will need to be completed on Google sheets in order to place an order. Please fill in all relevant information, including parents names and addresses, and upload this to our system. You will then need to share the google sheet with us.

You must ensure you have parents consent prior to sending us the proforma.

3. Payment - On the day of delivery, one of our delivery drivers will come to the school, between 8am and 10am to take payment. Please advise us in advance if there are any COVID regulations at your school and our driver will make sure to follow these (for example, they will wait at the front gate for a member of staff to come to them). This will be via a card payment device using a bank card. If the school does not have access to a bank card please let the team know and we can look at alternative payment options. 

4. Delivery - Our delivery driver will then deliver the boxes to the parents at home. If a family do not answer the door, we will return the pack to the school.

Reminder from Information Governance:

During this process schools need to be careful what information they are handing over.

For example: If the school are buying vouchers and emailing from the school to parents, then this would be safe from a DPA viewpoint.

However, if the school are asking a third party to email the vouchers to parents then they would need to review the company and what details are being shared, in these cases the school must:

  1. Inform the parents of children receiving free school meals what they are doing as their information will be passed to a 3rd party.
  2. They must ensure they limit the information from MIS that goes to this company
  3. Inform their DPO

If you would like to share any feedback on the suppliers above or have used a system that’s worked well please feel free to let us know at:

Assessment - Year 2 Phonics Screening Check Autumn 2020

In the 2020/21 academic year only, it is statutory for schools to administer a past version of the phonics screening check to year 2 pupils during the second half of the 2020 autumn term and return results to the LA

Year 2 pupils who meet the expected standard in phonics in the autumn check will not be required to complete any further statutory assessments in phonics. Year 2 pupils who do not meet the expected standard in the autumn check will be expected to take the statutory check in June 2021, alongside year 1 pupils. 

Year 3 pupils, who were due to take the statutory check in June 2020 (when they were in year 2), are not formally required to take the autumn check. Schools are expected to maintain a programme of support for these pupils but do not need to return phonics data for year 3 pupils to the LA.

Submitting data to the DfE via the LA

Your phonics data will be collected by the LA through the usual process this year and we are asking that all results are returned no later than Friday 11th December 2020. 

How the DfE will use the data
Data from the autumn check will be used by DfE to determine which eligible pupils have not met the expected standard in phonics by the end of the 2020 autumn term, and are therefore expected to take the statutory check in June 2021 (alongside year 1 pupils). 

These aggregated results will be used to create the school-level ‘expected lists’ provided to LAs to help inform their monitoring of the June 2021 check. 

Pupil level results will be added to the National Pupil Database (NPD) as the record of the relevant pupil’s phonics assessment.

Data from the autumn check will not be added to Analyse School Performance or reported in national statistics, but schools should use the assessment outcomes to help inform their own teaching and support to pupils.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Carey 
School Performance Team Leader

Kickstart Programme Placement opportunities within schools – would you like the support of a fully paid 25 hour post?

Telford & Wrekin Council

“Kickstart" programme

The Programme 

The Government has launched a new initiative to create job opportunities for young people who are: 

  • Aged 16 to 24 years of age on commencing job 
  • At risk of long-term unemployment and in receipt of universal credit and under the supervision of a DWP job coach. 

The Kickstart offer: 

  • Participants will be paid age related minimum wage 
  • Job roles must be new and not replace existing roles 
  • Minimum of 25 hours a week paid employment 
  • Include an element of employability support delivered from the Skills Delivery team and other areas of the council.

The Council has set a target to employ 100 Kickstart people over a 12 month period starting in December 2020 with the goal of recruiting 25 people each quarter. SMT have requested that each service area have at least one placement during this period. 

The Programme Timeline 

The Council will set out the programme in phases to support service areas with current barriers within a working environment to accommodate a placement. 

The suggested timescales suggested areas of the phases are as follows: 

  • Phase 1 - December 20 20
  • Phase 2 - February 2021
  • Phase 3 and 4 – April 2021 onwards   

Please note: if services want to offer a placement outside of this timeline we will be able to support this. 

Roles and recruitment 

There will be a series of generic job summaries developed for the placements.  We will work with services to develop job summaries for more specific roles as and when required. 

The posts will be offered on a 6 month fixed term contract so there could be turnover in some roles over the 12 month period. Participants will be employed on Telford & Wrekin Council terms and conditions and therefore will be required to comply with our policies of employment. 

All participants are to be referred from the DWP, these names will be co-ordinated by the Kickstart project co-ordinator and shared with the relevant placement manager. 

A simplified application process for these candidates will be developed and shared with managers around the shortlisting and interviewing of candidates.  

Successful candidates will receive a specific induction programme from the Kickstart project and will include information on the service area of the placement. 

Supporting participants and managers 

A guide to help managers through the programme will be developed and shared once the process is further established. 

A Project Co-ordinator will be recruited to support managers with recruiting into the placements and to be the link with DWP. 

An Employment Support Officer will be recruited to provide pastoral and employability support to participants and work with managers accordingly. 

Please provide your placement details to  Sharon will follow up with you to obtain further details and develop the job summary. 

By telephone: 01952 383506

Children's Occupational Therapy Update

Available to download, a letter from the Shropshire Community Health Trust for SENCo’s regarding the Children’s Occupational Therapy Update. An infographic about referrals for Developmental Coordination Disorder, is also available to download.

Download: Children’s Occupational Therapy Update – October 2020.

Download: DCD Infographic.

SEND Parent/Carer Newsletter – Autumn 2020

Please share the SEND Parent/Carer Newsletter – Autumn 2020.

Updates and information for Parent/Carers on:

  • Communication meetings with PODs & IASS
  • What’s new on the Local Offer
  • Local Offer Refresh – Coming Soon
  • Voice Project – Update
  • Great Results from Landau
  • Chief Public Health Nurses Open Letter
  • Community Children and Young People’s Health Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • IASS Updates

Download: SEND Parent/Carer Newsletter – Autumn 2020.

Polite Reminder – Face Coverings Exemptions

The open letter from Minister Vicky Ford to children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), their families and carers and those who support them, highlighted the reasons why a young person might be exempt from wearing face coverings. 

‘Some individuals are exempt from wearing face coverings. This includes people who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability, or people who are speaking to or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expression to communicate. The same exemptions will apply in education settings and may be particularly relevant to children and young people with SEND. 
Where a child or young person is exempt from wearing a face covering, we would expect teachers and other staff to be sensitive to those needs. Parents should discuss any concerns with the education setting. In addition, education settings may want to consider recommending the use of clear face coverings, as many children and young people, including those who are deaf, hearing impaired or with other additional needs, rely on lip reading or seeing facial expressions to be able to communicate fully.’

Guidance: Face Coverings in Education

If you have any questions about supporting a child or young person with a sensory impairment in your school please contact the Sensory Inclusion Service by email: or your supporting teacher of the deaf.

AET: Leading Good Autism Practice – Central Training

Many schools across Telford and Wrekin have already accessed our Making Sense of Autism Training, with some reaping the benefits of Good Autism Practice which is being delivered in settings, as well as centrally.

Last year we introduced the Leading Good Autism Practice course, which gives lead practitioners the opportunity to discuss, share and develop practice and understanding at a whole school level.  It is not essential to have attended any of our previous AET courses, if you would like to access this, but it is essential that you are able to strategically lead on Good Autism Practice in your school.  It is beneficial for both SENCOs and Head teachers to attend together, although this isn’t a necessary requirement.  

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance their own knowledge and understanding of good autism practice
  • Ask questions, evaluate and develop autism practice in their setting
  • Access and use tools to audit staff skills and identify training needs
  • Develop skills and knowledge to support their organisation and meet/exceed the requirements of external reviewers

As part of the course, we will discuss awareness of autism based on the individual pupil; how to build relationships and work together to support pupil progress; curriculum and learning for children with autism and how environments can be better adjusted to promote a safe and beneficial place for learning.

“To move a school towards being “autism friendly” it needs to be saturated in autism understanding and awareness… It is hard, but a whole-school rolling response; supporting, educating and developing the understanding of everyone involved is key…but it is not easy!”  Morewood, 2011 

Leading Good Autism Practice

To book a place on any of our CPD courses, please visit the Telford Education Services Website, where you will be able to view the latest version of the CPD course booklet and download a booking form.  Completed booking forms should be send via email to

Spaces Available: Wellbeing for Education Return

There are still places available on the Wellbeing for Education Return Supervision Groups, this supervision is available for staff within any provision, who is deemed to have responsibility for overseeing positive wellbeing and mental health. This may be Mental Health Leads, attendees at the recent WfER webinars or staff deemed suitable by a Headteacher to attend.

To find out more please take a look at: Wellbeing for Education Return Supervision Groups.

Or to book, please contact us by email:
FAO: Kaileb Vint
Specifying your name, school and cluster.

Spaces Available: Teaching Children with SEND

All teachers are teachers of SEND, but some teachers will have had more training and experience than others – the Learning Support Advisory Team would like to address this gap. 

The LSAT Team has developed a new and innovative course designed to provide skills and knowledge for all teachers at any point in their career. 

For further details, including the costs, dates and times, please take a look at:

To book a place please complete a CPD booking form and sending it via email to

Singing In Schools

MusicShare is an award winning singing outreach programme that works with local primary, secondary and special schools to encourage children to sing.

Cathy Lamb has worked in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Music and The Music Partnership over the last couple of years to produce Telford’s Big Sing which has taken place at Oakengates Theatre with over 700 people every March and recently ran our virtual singing network which took place in October.

We will be again working with MusicShare in 2021, but in the meantime their latest newsletter with links to singing activities for young people to enjoy along with links to singing activities that schools can enjoy in the run up to Christmas is available to download.

If you require any further information then please contact us at:

Download: E-newsletter MusicShare November 2020.

Create with Manchester Camerata

Manchester Camerata are pleased to announce that we will once again be working with schools to write new songs based on the popular Roald Dahl story 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  This year's project culmination will be a film which will feature your pupils performing their very own songs, with a Manchester Camerata ensemble to accompany them from afar
Project Details:

  • Twilight training session for class teacher(s) - early January
  • One 2 hour workshop for KS2/KS3 (if KS3, preferably year 7) children with a Manchester Camerata composer and musician, supported by the teacher(s) taking part in the training - January to February
  • Project film to be created, showcasing the songs created by all schools, accompanied by a Manchester Camerata ensemble - March - April
  • Teachers attending the training will receive resource packs prior to the training to use as a reference throughout the project.

It is completely free to take part in this programme.

Places are first come, first served and dates will be released for booking at the end of November. For any more information (especially on how we are keeping this year's project COVID safe), please contact Emma Arnold at

Opportunities for outdoor activities and physical education this term and next, from the Arthog Teams

The latest Department for Education Guidance (5th Nov) states that it is important that children continue to remain fit and active and outdoor sports should be prioritised where possible. Local external facilities and venues can also be used in line with government guidance for the use of, and travel to and from, those facilities. Schools are able to work with external coaches where they are satisfied that it is safe to do so. 
In addition Outdoor Education also makes a key contribution to the Recovery Curriculum especially with rebuilding relationships, engaging and inspiring learners, giving children and young people space to adjust and in minimising disadvantage.

‘Arthog Outreach offered us the opportunity to plan outdoor and adventurous activities that could happen locally.  In close collaboration with school, a well thought out 3 days of activities was planned; Al was determined that we bring as much of the Arthog Wales experience to the children as we could.  This contributed to the success of the experience for all children.

The cherry on top of the cake for me was to see the Arthog Wales instructors at school collecting children for a day of fun adventures and children returning at the end of the day full of excitement and stories of what they had been up to.  Now more than ever, it is important for us to keep providing these opportunities for children to ensure that they keep healthy and active as well as contributing positively to their mental health and wellbeing.’

Sarah Staniforth SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

The offer is all based on daytime provision which can be fitted into the school day or longer as you prefer.

1. On your school site 
We come to you, and run activities either on your site or in the immediate locality.  Pre course planning will ensure maximum use of your venue and include the option of the climbing tower, archery and problem solving activities.
2.  ‘Hubs’ 
These are locations where we have facilities and equipment in situ.  We can collect by minibus, but some ‘hubs’ may be near enough that you can walk to them. The hubs are;

  • Short Wood Centre, Wellington (indoor climbing wall, low ropes, archery, stream walk)
  • Telford Town Park  (e.g. high ropes, climbing wall, canoeing, maths trail)
  • The Mere at Shrewsbury (e.g. climbing tower, canoeing, orienteering, fire circle)

3. Activity days off site – the very best that Telford and Shropshire have to offer
The exact activities will depend on your location, but the great thing is Shropshire and Telford have many wonderful outdoor activity venues.  Some we use already, others we are developing this summer to ensure choice near all our schools. Minibus transport provided.

It may be that we are taking your children and young people into areas they are familiar with but doing activities and adventures they cannot normally access because it requires highly qualified leaders and specialist equipment e.g. rock climbing on Wenlock Edge or paddling on Blue Pool in Telford Town Park.  Or it could be that by combining our collective local knowledge we can go to hidden delights and esoteric places, or find wildlife otherwise missed. 

Fees will vary on your final agreed programme but as a guide a school day for an activity group (based on 10-12 participants) will cost £210-£230. So a class of 30 with 3 activity groups would be £630 to £690.

Telford & Wrekin Council Arthog Guarantees

To ensure the health and well-being of all involved and Covid-secure practice, Government Guidance, T&WC Instruction and Adventure Industry best practice are all being followed.  As part of the pre-course process we will need to be informed of each school’s own Covid management risk assessment and procedures to ensure compliance.

Educational Quality
As usual, we plan all courses with our schools.  The bespoke nature of our provision means we can ensure the educational quality of the Arthog tradition. If it is not possible to deliver as requested, we will be honest and say so to avoid any disappointment.

Financial Security
During these challenging times we would like to reassure our users and parents that Telford and Wrekin Council are adopting a supportive and flexible approach to bookings. Invoices will be issued after a course has taken place and will be based on the actual numbers attending. You can book secure in the knowledge that if operating conditions do change and a planned programme cannot go ahead your school or college will not be left with a financial liability. We ask that you work with us closely so that we can match our resources to your need.

Educational Visit Notification
As Arthog Wales, Arthog Outreach and Arthog Sky Reach are owned and managed by Telford and Wrekin Council, and relevant sections of the Form 16A are included in their booking processes, no notification to the Outdoor Education Adviser is required.

To find out more or to make a booking enquiry please email:

Outdoor activities are available in and around Telford – what are the options?

This term has certainly presented a few challenges for all of us! 

The collaborative working between Arthog Outreach, Arthog Wales, and Skyreach is going really well, and has resulted in lots of smiley faces and laughter. 

It has been fabulous working with such resourceful schools and teachers, helping to get the young ones outside to rediscover the benefits of outdoor education and the joys of simply being in nature.

Our activities so far have been varied and consisted of: 

  • Canoeing on the Montgomery Canal and exploring the local fields and hedges to make fire and hedgerow tea. 
  • Walking up the Wrekin to explore its place in history.
  • Sharing the benefits of Outdoor Education with trainee teachers, who over two weeks, took part in indoor and outdoor climbing, team challenges, bush craft (including stalking and filming rutting deer), orienteering, and canoeing.
  • Teambuilding and climbing tower days on school grounds.
  • Climbing and walking at Llanymynech, Grinshill, and Corbett Woods.
  • Introducing young adults to the challenges of the high ropes course at Sky Reach and then canoeing on Blue Pool in Town Park.
  • Walking up Limekiln Lane and into Short Wood to provide a Stone Age experience (the children really enjoyed tracking the deer).
  • Archery, climbing, bush craft, and Mountain Biking with young people not engaged in mainstream schools.
  • Canoeing with years 3 to 6 on Simpsons Pool.

As you can see, rather than think about what we can't do, we are focusing on all the opportunities that are still out there – and even creating new ones!

'We currently have children on our pool with Martin in a canoe and the joy in their responses is a delight to hear!  The team have done a great job in helping us make that happen.'
Gail Butele, Short Wood Primary School

A massive thank you to all the schools who have booked activities with us it really is appreciated. 

To find out more or to make a booking enquiry please email:

First Aid Course 

First Aid Course with a difference:
REC – Emergency Outdoor First Aid
REC – Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and
REC – 12 hour Paediatric First Aid

Course dates:    

  • 26 November 2020
  • 27 November 2020

Times : 

  • 9.30am – 5pm
  • both days


Arthog Outreach, 
Short Wood Centre, 

Our first aid courses comply with current good practice and have Covid risk assessments in place. The centre also has strict Covid Security measures in place. This information is available on request.

Course content
Over the two days we look at:

  • Being safe – best practice and prevention of cross-infection
  • Vital Signs - temperature, colour, pulse, breathing, level of response
  • Incident Handling – a systematic approach to decision making
  • Unconsciousness – causes and safe airways
  • CPR and Choking – dealing with the non-breathing casualty
  • Bleeding – external and internal bleeding and shock
  • Major Injuries – treating head, spine, chest abdomen, pelvis, leg and arm injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – to muscle and joints including, dislocations
  • Monitoring – Casualty cards and monitoring and effective hand overs
  • Remote Issues – improvisation when you have nothing else available!
  • Cold and Heat – dealing with hypothermia, hyperthermia and burns
  • Medical Emergencies – angina, heart attack, stroke, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, bites, stings and anaphylaxis.

First Aid Regulations – an overview and first aid kits.

You will be continuously assessed throughout the course and there will be two multi choice question papers for you to complete.

£125 to include all certificates and a first aid manual.

For more information and to book your place please contact:

CPD courses – to the end of the Autumn Term

Please note that we have now reverted back to sending joining instructions 5 days before the course date, rather than up to 10 days in the early part of the Autumn Term.

Unless stated otherwise, all of our CPD courses are currently being provided online via Microsoft Teams.  Only in very exceptional circumstances, where courses need to take place face to face, will this happen, but understandably these courses will not run during a period of national lockdown.

Further details of all of our courses can be found in the CPD Booklet, available on the Telford Education Services website.

Bookings can continue to be made in the normal way by completing a CPD booking form and sending it via email to

Table of CPD Courses to the end of autumn term.
Breaking Barriers in Maths with Numicon (LSAT 406) Monday 23 November 2020 9.15am to 12noon
Assessment - termly update (morning) (CPD 502) Tuesday 24 November 2020 9.15am to 10.45am
Assessment - termly update (afternoon) (CPD 503) Tuesday 24 November 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
Teaching Children with SEND – meeting the needs (LSAT 508) – new 9 part course Tuesday 24 November 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
Designated Safeguarding Leads Refresher (SG 107 – webinar via Ollie) Wednesday 25 November 2020 1pm to 2.30pm
Early Years Coordinators' Update (EY 007) Wednesday 25 November 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
AET: Leading Good Autism Practice (EPS 107) Wednesday 25 November 2020 1pm to 4pm 
(revised time – now a two part course)
Managing Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in Schools (SG 201) Wednesday 25 November 2020 9am to 12noon
Prevent (SG 101) Thursday 26 November 2020 9.30am to 11am
Newly Qualified Teacher Development Group: Supporting and Accelerating your Progression  (CPD 522) Thursday 26 November 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
Weaving Literacy and Mathematical  Development into a Broad EYFS Curriculum (EY 304) – part 1 Thursday 26 November 
and Thursday 10 December 2020
1.15pm to 4pm
Early Years and Childcare Partnership Hub Meeting (EY 305) Tuesday 1 December 2020 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Observing Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EY 011) Thursday 3 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm
MAPA Refresher (BSAT 212) Thursday 3 December 2020 9am to 12.30pm
MAPA (BSAT 201) two parts
(This training has been moved from 19 November 2020 and 26 November 2020 due to the national lockdown)
Tuesday 8 December 2020
and Wednesday 15 December 2020
8.30am to 4pm 
and 8.30am to 12.30pm
Child Protection Supervision (SG 203) Tuesday 8 December 2020 9.30am to 12.30pm
Supporting pupils with specific literacy difficulties: A whole school approach (LSAT 501) Wednesday 9 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm
Effective Support and Supervisions in the EYFS (EY 306) Wednesday 9 December 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
Weaving Literacy and Mathematical  Development into a Broad EYFS Curriculum (EY 304) – part 2 Thursday 10 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm
Positive Behaviour Management in the Classroom (PSS 008) Thursday 10 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm
Teaching Children with SEND – meeting to needs (LSAT 508) – new 9 part course not yet on Ollie Tuesday 15 December 2020 4pm to 5.30pm
SEND: Building Capacity in your school (LSAT 403) – part 2 of 4 Tuesday 15 December 2020 3.45pm to 5.15pm
Understanding Early Language Development 2 to 4 years (EY 112) Tuesday 15 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm
Solution Focused Therapy (PSS 102) Tuesday 15 December 2020 9.15am to 12noon

Sue Dyson
Traded Service Specialist, School Performance and Development

For bookings please email


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