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The Blue Badge scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers.

The scheme also applies to registered blind people and people with very severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand.

It allows badge holders to park close to their destination but the national concession applies only to on-street parking.

Blue Badge scheme - your rights and responsibilities

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Lost or stolen badges

If your Blue Badge has been lost or stolen, you can apply for a replacement badge to be sent to you. A replacement badge will cost £10.

If your badge was stolen, you will need to provide a crime reference number.

You can apply for a replacement badge online via the GOV.UK website; you will need your National Insurance number to use this service.

Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge

Organisational Blue Badges

A Blue Badge can be issued to organisations that transport disabled people who, if they applied for a Blue Badge as individuals, would qualify in their own right. A senior representative may apply on behalf of their organisation.

Organisations will need to prove that they:

  • transport a sufficient number of people (minimum of six)
  • transport their disabled customers on a regular basis
  • have a contract with their disabled customers for a minimum of three years.

Organisations will need to provide either:

  • a logo on letter headed paper
  • an official stamp.

Taxi firms are not normally granted an organisational badge as they rarely meet the above criteria. In this instance, we would recommend that their clients apply for an individual badge.

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