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School uniform

The charity Telford Crisis Support (TCS) runs a free-to-access School Uniform Project providing pre-loved school uniform. Depending on what is available, they can provide individual items or as complete as possible uniform without charge. The Project runs throughout the school year.

There are no specific criteria to be met when requesting school uniform. Applications must be made per-child, and this can be done by completing a short online form on TCS’s website.

Visit the Telford Crisis Support website to apply for items of school uniform

TCS will also try to meet requests for additional clothing support related to sports equipment. This will depend on what they have available at the time.

A variety of collection points - to suit where applicants live - are detailed on their website.

Donations of unwanted school uniform

You can also donate uniform that is no longer needed or no longer fits. Telford Crisis Support rely on donations of pre-loved school uniform items and Physical Education clothing.

The Project is always in need of branded and generic uniform for all of the borough’s schools. It not only saves households money but also provides a way to recycle items of clothing that may otherwise end up in landfill. More details can be found on TCS’s website.

Last updated: 02/08/2023 08:43

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