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Architectural Design and Building Services (biT)

We are a full service property development, design and project management consultancy.

Our specialists can work with you on a project from start to finish, be it residential property development, commercial property development, educational or leisure complex development, new build or refurbishment. Equally, we can provide the specific expertise you need, wherever you need it in your project.

Our team of professionals bring together skills from across the property development spectrum, from planning consultancy through to architecture and building design, project management, mechanical and electrical engineering, building surveys, cost consultancy, highway engineering, drainage engineering and geotechnical engineering.

With vast experience in the design, delivery and management of a range of residential, commercial, educational and leisure projects, biT can support you in delivering new build solutions, relocations and in the refurbishment or redesign of existing properties.

Our team will get the job done with maximum professionalism and minimum friction!

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Our Ethos

Every project has unique features and we will work closely with you to make sure the individual nature of your build is a positive force in the creative and construction processes, rather than an obstacle.

Each solution we provide is bespoke but, because we understand every part of the construction process and the professionals who work in it, we can anticipate everyone’s needs every step of the way.

We use modern, efficient and innovative design processes. When it comes to delivering those designs, biT can provide experienced and conscientious project managers, architects and engineers to see them through.

We champion collaborative working, both within our team and with third parties, and we are passionate about sustainable building design – of both the financial and environmental kind.

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