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The Council welcomes petitions; however, we no longer host ePetitions on our website.

You can submit your petition on paper or electronically. ePetitions must follow the same guidelines as paper petitions. Petitions from other ePetitions websites (e.g. Change.org) can be submitted to the Council using the contact details below:

Customer Relationship team
Telford & Wrekin Council
Darby House
Lawn Central

Email: customer.relationship@telford.gov.uk
Phone: 01952 382006

Please note: Petitions can also be submitted in person to an officer of the Council, via a local councillor.

What constitutes a valid petition?

A valid petition includes the following:

  • any petition must contain 100 or more valid signatures of people who live, work or study in the borough
  • details and contact information for the person designated as the petition organiser or lead petitioner
  • the signatures of each petitioner should be followed by the date of signature and their name and address (in capitals)
  • the petition must include a request for some form of action to be taken.

A valid petition must:

  • relate to a function of the Council or a partner organisation.

A valid petition must not:

  • relate to a planning or licensing decision
  • relate to a matter where a right of recourse or right of appeal is already provided for in law.

A petition will not be accepted as valid in the following circumstances:

In the opinion of the Monitoring Officer, after consultation with the relevant cabinet member, the petition is vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate to be dealt with;

A petition to the same or substantially similar effect has been made to the Council within the previous twelve months of the petition being received.

How will the Council respond to the petition?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within five working days and within a further 10 working days the lead petitioner will be informed by the relevant Corporate Director or Head of Service how the Council intends to deal with the petition.

This will be in one of the following ways:

  • to comply with the request in the petition
  • to consider the petition at a cabinet meeting of the Council, at which the lead petitioner will be able to speak for three minutes in support of the petition
  • to commission further research in to the matter, hold an inquiry, or in some cases hold a public meeting to seek further information
  • to provide a written response to the petition setting out the Council’s policy or views
  • to refer the petition to scrutiny for investigation.

If a petition is received with the signatures of more than 5% of the population of the borough this will automatically be debated at a meeting of the Full Council.

Last updated: 23/08/2023 18:16

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