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Customer Contract, Customer Strategy and Digital Strategy

Our vision is to work with our customers to develop quality services that are accessible to all and to make every contact count.

We aim to:

  • own responsibility for every contact received and if we can't help, connect you to other organisations that can
  • understand and care about your concerns; demonstrating through our actions that your issues matter to us
  • be helpful, polite, friendly and treat you fairly and with respect
  • be honest, only making promises we can deliver, and do what we say we will
  • meet our customer service standards and regularly monitor and publish how well we're doing this
  • provide clear and up to date information about our services
  • explain our decisions and the reasons for them
  • display the Council logo clearly on our information, signage, buildings and vehicles so you know which services we are responsible for
  • deal with your request correctly the first time you contact us and if we have to pass your enquiry on, give you the name of the person, team or organisation dealing with your enquiry and how to contact them
  • if things go wrong, say sorry, do our best to put them right and learn from our mistakes
  • protect your confidentiality by handling your information sensitively and securely
  • make sure Council services are accessible to all and meet our co-operative values, view more information about our co-operative values
  • provide help if you need assistance because of a disability or health condition with information available on our website and through our contact centres
  • enable customers to access more information and services online
  • invite, listen to and act on feedback from customers to improve our services, and communicate the improvements we have made.

In return, we ask you to:

  • treat us politely and with respect in accordance with our Treating Council Employees with Dignity and Respect Policy, and understand that we will not tolerate abusive language or threatening behaviour towards our colleagues or other people using our services
  • tell us as soon as possible when things go wrong
  • let us know in good time if you can't make an appointment with us
  • give us the correct information at the right time and let us know if anything changes
  • use our online services first, if you are able to
  • let us know if you have received an outstanding service.

Download the Customer Contract to view our commitment to you

If you would like to view these downloads in a different format, please email customer.insight@telford.gov.uk or call the Customer Insight team on 01952 382006.

Last updated: 17/11/2023 13:20

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