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Debbie Lloyd, Service Delivery Manager - Family Connect, Emergency Duty Team, Family Solutions and Strengthening Families

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There are four teams within this service area:

Family Connect
A single point of contact for both adult and children services. Family Connect is made up of a multidisciplinary partnership of internal and external agencies providing advice, guidance information and signposting support to assist the access to early help support and children and adults social care teams.

Emergency Duty team
Provides out of hours safeguarding, mental health and crisis support for both adults and children and Families.

Strengthening Families teams
Are locality based and provide a variety of early help family support interventions, including managing the statutory responsibility of children centres.

Family Solutions team
Has responsibility for minimising the need for children to become looked after by the Local Authority where it is safe to do so, they also provide support to enable a seamless transition to return children home from the care of the local authority.

Tina Knight, Service Delivery Manager - Assessment, Child Protection and Family Support

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Assessment Service
There are three teams who taking referrals from Family Connect carry out child in need social work assessments, strategy discussions and child protection enquiries. These teams hold children’s cases for the duration of the assessment, identifying needs and ensuring children get the right responses. They will accommodate children in emergencies and issue care proceedings on any immediate need for protection.

CATE team
This is a team that specialises in services for children and young people who are affected by child sexual exploitation. The team works within multi-agency pathways (police, social care, health and education) to enable children and young people to stay safe from this type of abuse.

Nick Bennison, Service Delivery Manager - Case Management, Child Protection and Family Support

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There are four teams in this service area, covering the whole of Telford. The teams specialise in child protection cases from the initial child protection conference to the end of the child protection plan. 

Supporting families via child in need plans, working with family members and the children. Undertaking court proceedings, working with children in both private and public law proceedings. 

A large part of the work is ensuring that the children are safe and cared for within their family environment, this involves working directly with children, parents and the wider family network.

If children can't stay at home, the teams work hard to ensure that they can be placed permanently within a long term placements either foster care or adoption. Social Workers work directly with the children to prepare them for those placements.

Jan Bright, Service Delivery Manager - Fostering

Fostering Service
The Fostering Service comprises three teams with specific linked to the statutory functions for the provision of fostering service provision, the teams are:

  • Family Finding and Targeted services
  • Fostering - Mainstream
  • Assessment and Permanency team (Family and Friends).

The teams provide a generic service to provide and support family placements and provide a significant role in supporting permanency within family placements.

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Marie Hatton, Service Delivery Manager - Children in Care and Leaving Care

Children in Care and Leaving Care Service
Comprised of three teams who provide services to children and young people who are in long term care and who will require permanence and support as care leavers. There are:

  • three Children in Care teams
  • one Leaving Care team.

Darren Knibbs, Service Delivery Manager - Systemic Practice and Specialist Services

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Children with Disabilities Service
The children with disabilities team provide a specialist service/intervention for children with a disability or complex needs. They undertake assessments and provide support to families to agree a plan that will help the child/family. They work with children with disabilities where there are safeguarding concerns or where they are in the care of the Local Authority.

Case workers support families following assessment where needs have been identified, working with families to devise a support plan. This often results in direct payments and services provided/commissioned in accordance with short break guidance.

Children’s Occupational Therapists undertake assessments in the home where there may be a requirement for equipment for example bathing aids, specialist seating systems, specialist furniture or adaptations to the layout physical layout of the home.

Parenting Assessment team and Contact team
They undertake assessments of parents’ ability to look after their children safely. This team is linked with the Contact Team who supervise contact between children and their families.

This is a student training unit comprising of 4 frontline participants overseen by a Consultant Social Worker. They work with families using a systemic framework.

Systemic team
Systemic Practitioners facilitate reflective pods across teams in Children’s Safeguarding and Family Support creating a space for practitioners and managers to talk about practice dilemma’s. They offer, systemic consultations and systemic clinics and will undertake direct work with individuals and families using systemic principles. The Systemic team also support practitioners to embed their own systemic training.

Tilly Heigh, Service Delivery Manager - Service Improvement

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There are three teams within the Independent Safeguarding, Quality and Advocacy Service:

Independent Conference and Reviewing team
The team provides independent safeguarding support to children and young people by chairing multi-agency child protection and review conferences on behalf of Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board (TWSCB). The team also work as Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) to provide independent oversight of children’s care, ensuring that children in the care of the local authority are safe and well cared for. 

In addition, the Team provides independent oversight of the quality of our foster carers through annual reviews of internal foster care placements. 

The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) manages and offers advice and consultation on allegations against people who work in paid employment or who are in voluntary work with children and young people (i.e. who have a ‘position of trust’)

Quality Assurance team
The key purpose of this service area is to help ensure the quality of services by delivering and supporting a wide range of quality assurance activities. The team is responsible for developing and implementing an annual quality assurance plan and monitoring activities against the plan, as well as undertaking specific quality assurance work in line with improvement priorities. 

The team also ensures data quality across Children's Safeguarding and Family Support, Independent Safeguarding, Quality and Advocacy Service (ISQAS) and supports teams across the service in improving their recording and meeting statutory timescales. 

Rights and Representations team
The team provides an advocacy service for children and young people who are in care, subject to child protection processes or children in need. They work with individual children and young people in order to support them in expressing their wishes and feelings, liaising with services to resolve issues and making formal complaints where necessary.

The team also co-ordinates ‘Voice’, our Care Council, which enables children and young people in care to have a say in service planning and delivery and highlight issues which are affecting them.

Clare Hall-Salter, Service Delivery Manager - Service Improvement and Efficiency

Picture of Clare Hall Salter

The Service Improvement and Efficiency team works across our Adults and Children’s Services, providing strategic improvement and transformation support.

In summary the team are responsible for the following:

Business Administration Support team
Business administration support across Children’s and Adults Services.

Business Systems Support team
Case management and financial management systems development and oversight.

Projects, Policies and Quality team

  • programme and project management
  • quality assurance and complaints management
  • Policies and business process development
  • communications, information and advice support.

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