Work experience

What we offer

Telford & Wrekin Council provides a broad range of work experience opportunities.

A placement at the Council is an excellent way to learn new skills, find out more about potential career choices and to understand the breadth of what the Council does.

Did you know the Council delivers over 500 different services? These include - mending roads, building bridges, running leisure centres, supporting vulnerable adults and children, and running ICT systems.

Our scheme is open to anyone aged 14 and over, with the exception of social care placements where applicants must be aged 17 and over.

We will only accept applications which give a minimum of 6 weeks notice of the preferred placement start date.

We will not accept any applications before January 2020 for the following departments:

  • Planning
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Community Safety, Enforcement and Car Parking.

Currently there are no placements available within the following service areas:

  • Digital Access Channel team
  • Administration
  • Public Protection
  • Environmental Health
  • Human Resources
  • Public Health

Apply for a work experience placement

We offer placements in the following services, please note all placements are subject to availability:

What services do administration roles provide?

If you are interested in business administration, we have placements available across various departments within the Council.

Administration placements - what you will learn:

  • manage diary systems/block booking of appointments
  • deal with post
  • arrange meetings - agenda/rooms
  • take minutes
  • print/photocopy/filing
  • take phone messages/enquiries
  • make travel arrangements
  • book conferences/training
  • input data into spreadsheets and scan in documents;
  • use in house computer systems/databases
  • participate in other project work as and when requested.

What services do assistive technology and sensory impairment roles provide?

The assistive technology and sensory impairment team, work with people who may have a long term condition that effects their daily life. We aim to promote the use of technology to support people to live as independently as possible. We do this by holding a weekly 'hub' in which members of the public can come and view all different types of gadgets, they can talk to our 'Experts by Experience' who all use technology in their day to day lives due to a disability or other long term condition. We also work with Social Workers and other professionals to ensure that technology is considered to help support high levels of need.

Assistive Technology and Sensory Impairment Service placements - what you will learn:

  • meeting and supporting Expert by Experience volunteers
    • learning about Adult Social Care and how technology can support people with independence in their home
    • attending meetings
    • setting up and reviewing technology.

What services do audit roles provide?

Providing assurance to the Council on a number of different matters:

Activities include:

  • information governance
    • internal audit
    • insurance services
    • investigations.
  • printing/photocopying/filing/scanning
    • dealing with post
    • other administration tasks which may include using a PC for word, excel documents
    • assisting with case files
    • shadowing at meetings and court hearings.

What services do building management/maintenance roles provide?

Providing an integrated design, and project management consultancy that specialise in full project delivery, from initial project start up through to the end of the project.

Building Surveying, Mechanical and Electrical is part of Telford & Wrekin Council and delivers a wide range services to support each of the areas:

Surveying placements - what you will learn:

  • on site visits
    • experience the role of Building Surveyors and Engineers
    • help with compiling specifications
    • research up to date Building Regulations.

Providing an in-house maintenance service for schools and council buildings, as well as managing the Council's security and PFI contracts:

Facilities Management placements - what you will learn:

  • on site visits
    • attend properties to help with minor maintenance tasks.

What services do catering provide?

Please note: placements within catering will only be available from September 2019.

We provide school meals and commercial catering, as well as cookery sessions to schools and carers.

We also deliver training to both internal and external customers on the following areas:

  • food preparation
  • customer service
  • cash collection
  • food hygiene
  • health and safety.

What services do community safety, enforcement and car parking provide?

The community safety, environmental enforcement and car parking team carry out a wide range of services that support keeping people safe in the community and addressing local concerns linked to Anti-social Behaviour. The team are responsible for:

  • working in close partnership with key partners such as Police, Shropshire Fire and Rescue the Wrekin Housing Trust
    • managing over 160 CCTV cameras across the Borough, two traveller sites, deals with a wide range of environmental crimes such as fly tipping, littering, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles and fly posting
    • addressing highway enforcement type issues such as encroachment, obstruction and damage
    • managing the Southwater multi-storey car park along with all of the 33 Telford and Wrekin owned car parks across the council to include all associated enforcement activity.

Community Safety, Enforcement and Car Parking Placements - what you will learn

  • site visits to support basic initial investigation processes
  • begin to understand and support back office systems to update visits, calls and progress of jobs
  • site visits to support downloading of CCTV
  • opportunity to meet a wide range of partner organisations.

What services do democratic and scrutiny provide?

The democratic and scrutiny services team has a variety of functions, but its overall aim is to ensure the smooth and efficient management of the decision-making processes of the Council. Listed below are some of the things we do:

  • manage full Council, Cabinet and Committee meetings
    • oversee member (Councillor) development
    • promote democracy
    • run the Mayor's Office
    • provide information, advice and resources to all elected members
    • provide secretarial and administrative support to the Leader and Cabinet
    • administer school admission and exclusion appeals
    • administer the making of Tree Preservation Orders and Traffic Regulation Orders
    • open tenders.
  • The Elections team deals with all election related services:
    • maintenance and publication of the Electoral Register
    • organisation and management of elections, including General and European parliamentary elections, Borough and Parish Council elections and by-elections
    • electoral administration of any national or local referendum that may be called
    • community Governance reviews
    • boundary reviews.
  • Democratic and Scrutiny services placement - what you will learn:
    • printing/photocopying/filing/scanning
    • dealing with post
    • other administration tasks which may include using a PC for word, excel documents
    • assisting with files
    • shadowing at meetings
    • carryout research.

What services do the digital access channel team provide?

  • Job roles within the digital access channel team include:
  • web team
    • technical developers
    • business transformation officers.
  • Digital access channel team placements - what you will learn:

Activities include:

  • editing the council website
    • creating services in our customer relationships solution
    • attending sessions with business to review their processes
    • supporting our help desk support
    • checking job failures via an integration checker and applying appropriate measures to fix.

What services do engineering roles provide?

Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. Such as roads and bridges.

Within Telford & Wrekin Council we offer placements in the following areas:

This area focuses on the following civil engineering elements:

  • Highways, transport and engineering placements - what you will learn:

Engineers carry out the following tasks:

  • pavement engineering
    • traffic engineering
    • network management
    • transport modelling
    • planned and reactive highways maintenance
    • drainage and flooding
    • geotechnical engineering
    • structures.
  • site investigations and surveys
    • preparation of designs using AutoCAD, Key TERRA-FIRMA and Micro drainage
    • estimating
    • preparation of NEC3 contracts
    • preparation of technical reports
    • site supervision
    • project management.
  • Road safety training placements - what you will learn:
    • how to provide road safety and cycling training to school children.

What services do environmental and neighbourhood roles provide?

Responsible for management of the waste disposal service and all lighting within Telford and Wrekin.

Activities include:

  • Neighbourhood services waste and street lighting placements - what you will learn:

Responsible for management and maintenance of formal and informal parks and open spaces. Including horticultural services, woodlands, local nature reserves, play areas, sports pitches and cleansing services.

  • assist in resolve customer enquiries/complaints
    • monitor contractors performance
    • co-ordinate communications to residents
    • attend meetings.
  • Neighbourhood services environment placements - what you will learn:
  • research of maps and plans
    • attend meetings
    • site visits including tree inspections and environmental assessments
    • contractor liaison
    • dealing with customer enquiries.

Activities include:

  • Fleet Transport Services placements - what you will learn:
    • transporting around 650 children from home to school
    • transporting adults with learning difficulties and disabilities to social care provision
    • home to day centre transport
    • supporting people to access services and social events through transport - 3 registered routes, community bus, social shopper, school trips
    • Dial-a-ride - bespoke door to door service, transporting those who are unable to access public transport due to disabilities and vulnerabilities
    • working in partnership with Age UK - Transporting 62 people a week to Age UK Centres.

Please note: we will only accept applications for Finance placements, which give a minimum of 2 months' notice of the preferred placement start date. There is limited availability of placements within Finance.

What services do finance roles provide?

We provide a complete financial service to the Council which includes

  • financial advice and guidance
    • income and expenditure monitoring
    • budgeting and forecasting
    • final accounts
    • financial systems support and development.
  • Finance placements - what you will learn:
    • ad hoc tasks associated with supporting requests from other the services or undertaking financial analysis
    • use of the IT systems and spreadsheets
    • overview of the work done within each team within accountancy and of the finance framework of the Council and governance arrangements.

Please note: placements within ICT will only be available from October 2019.

What services do ICT provide?

We provide ICT support and services to Telford & Wrekin Council, over 100 schools, parish councils and the voluntary sector, ensuring the ICT is reliable, efficient and value for money.

  • Service desk placements - what you will learn:
    • effective remote customer service
    • log calls from our customers on a Service Desk system
    • recognise the difference between Incidents and Service requests
    • problem solve customer issues, fixing them over the telephone.
  • Desktop (mobile) support placements - what you will learn:
    • provide effective remote and face to face customer service
    • assist customers on a face to face basis attending various customer sites
    • configure a PC/Laptop for business use
    • use software deployment tools.
  • Business support placements - what you will learn:
    • place orders for IT kit
    • track IT kit using asset management software.
  • Networks, storage and virtualisation placements - what you will learn:
    • use pro-active network monitoring tools to ensure optimal service delivery
    • create and manage virtual servers
    • create and roll out software packages across the network
    • connect PCs and Laptops to the network.
  • Development placements - what you will learn:
    • the basic principles of developing websites and understanding how programming languages can be used in a Local Authority.
  • Project management placements - what you will learn:
    • the basic project management techniques and principles needed to ensure successful IT project delivery.

Please note: placements within the legal department will only be accepted from students completing either A Level or Degree Level Law.

What services do legal roles provide?

Providing legal advice and guidance across the Council including council officers and elected members.

Activities include:

  • printing/photocopying/filing/scanning
  • dealing with post
  • other administration tasks which may include using a PC for word, excel documents
  • assisting with case files
  • shadowing at meetings and court hearings
  • carryout research.

What services do leisure roles provide?

Providing management of nine sports and leisure facilities and associated brands. Along with providing outdoor education.

  • Leisure centres/ice rink and golf course placements - what you will learn:
    • reception desk duties
    • activity set up and takedown
    • cleaning
    • shadowing lifeguards
    • shadowing fitness suite supervision
  • Leisure - Town Park placements - what you will learn:
    • assistant ranger
    • patrolling the park on foot, cycle and vehicle
    • practical tasks outdoors, sweeping, scrub clearance, painting
    • liaising with the public
    • wildlife rescue
    • assisting with events
    • completing daily inspection sheets
    • able to work outdoors in all weathers.

What services do library roles provide?

As an authority we manage five libraries out of the nine within Telford and Wrekin (four are community managed libraries), this means that we open to the public, provide books, physical space and ICT resources for residents. In addition to that our staff provide first point coverage alongside their library duties. This enables the public to come into a library and deal with a range of services that come under the local authority such as obtaining a blue badge, making a complaint of antisocial behaviour or dealing with bin collections.

  • Library placements - what you will learn:
    • some front line experience working with the public
    • admin tasks such as finding books for customer reservations or shelf tidying
    • helping out with library activities and shadowing a member of the library development team.

Please note: You must demonstrate an interest in communications and preferably be following a media related course.

What services do marketing and communication provide?

This team provides the Council's corporate communications and supports many of the Council's services to get the public involved in and understand what they do. The team uses a range of different media and digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as more traditional methods such as press releases, media interviews, publications and campaigns. The service is made up of a team of corporate communications experts and graphic designers and is responsible for most of the Council's marketing to promote our services to residents and other groups.

In a placement with the team you are likely to get an understanding in the areas such as:

  • how the council uses social media
  • analysing digital channels
  • filming and editing
  • writing a range of content.

Please note: There are currently no more placements available until January 2020.

What services does the planning department provide?

apT are a Development Consultancy, who as part of Telford & Wrekin Council, offer Planning, Building Control and Development Services both inside and outside of the Borough. Our team includes a host of specialist officers such as Ecologists, Built Heritage Specialists and Urban Designers. We work together with our clients and the community to build safe and sustainable places to live and work.

Activities include:

  • Highway Development placements
    • highway design
    • assessing housing estate layouts
    • junction modelling
    • site surveys and inspections
    • street lighting design
    • transport assessments
    • responding to planning application consultations
    • highway extent searches
    • administrative and record keeping duties
    • AutoCAD.

Activities include:

  • Building Control placements
    • validating planning applications
    • assessment of planning applications
    • balance issues relating to sustainable development
    • carry out site visits
    • negotiate scheme
    • report writing
    • communicate with customers
    • use of GIS
    • investigate breaches of planning regulations
    • interrogate planning legislation.

Activities include:

  • Ecology placements
    • desk based data collection, using various sources of information
    • preparation of report material
    • site visits, and Site surveys
    • understand legislation
    • consider improvements to habitats
    • communication with specialist groups and members of the public
    • use of GIS
    • administrative duties.

Activities include:

  • Built Environment placements
    • desk based data collection, using various sources of information
    • administrative duties.
    • use of GIS
    • communication with specialist groups and members of the public
    • consider improvements to habitats
    • understand legislation
    • site visits, and Site surveys
    • preparation of report material

What services do public health roles provide?

Working within communities delivering health improvement and prevention programmes and well-being.

Supporting the NHS and other organisations to improving health for everybody.

  • Public health placements - what you will learn:
    • shadowing public health practitioners
    • support healthy lifestyle advisors to deliver community based life style clinics
    • shadowing public health commissioners
    • administration duties
    • social media experience.

Please note: you must be aged 17 and over to apply for placements within social care. You will need to provide a current valid DBS check in advance of your placement commencing.

What services do social care placements provide?

Providing services for vulnerable people by delivering new and different services which are customer driven.

Continuing to enable people to live life the way they choose by offering flexible support options which promote independence and wellbeing.

Shadowing experienced members of staff work experiences placements can offer:

  • Social care placements - what will you learn:
    • opportunities to talk to people who access care and support
    • assisting with planning and supporting customers to engage in daily activities of their choice either in their home or in the area
    • accompanying someone to engage in their local community on a trip , shopping or community group
    • alongside staff members support people to access leisure, crafts, arts, work based activities such as woodwork and gardening
    • working with staff to update communication materials such as customer's plans, leaflets and notice boards, learning about assistive technology and how this can support vulnerable adults and young people to become more independent.

Make the most of your placement

If you are successful in getting a work experience placement at Telford & Wrekin Council take a look at our hints and tips designed to help you make the most of your placement.

  • before you start your work experience try to research the service you are working in and get an understanding of the kind of work they do on a day-to-day basis
  • at the start of your work experience, take time to discuss with your supervisor what your interests, skills and previous experience are and also what you would like to get out of the placement
  • be proactive and work hard on every task, however big or small
  • talk to the people working within the team to broaden your understanding and experience and learn about their own career paths and what their role is in the council
  • if you don't know what you are doing or you are feeling overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help from your supervisor or other team members
  • listen to and act on any feedback you receive from your supervisor
  • finally, keep a record of the work you have done while at the council, as this may be useful for your CV.

Just remember to be professional and ask lots of questions. Most of all treat it like a job - and be proactive!

If you have any queries about the work experience scheme run by Telford & Wrekin Council, then email

If you require any information or help about careers and jobs or training and learning please visit the Council Jobs.

How we use your personal information

Telford & Wrekin Council are collecting your personal data for the purpose of offering you a work experience placement under Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Telford & Wrekin Council will not share any Personal Identifiable Information collected with external organisations unless required to do so by law. However, this information with be shared within Telford & Wrekin Council and partners agencies (including schools and parents/guardians) solely for the purpose of providing the applicant with a work experience placement.

For further details on the council's privacy notice please view the Privacy Page on the council's website page.

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