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Borrow an iPad

Please note: The iPad lending scheme is suspended until further notice.

Before you can borrow a device you must accept these terms and conditions.

The following expressions will have the following meanings:

  • “client” shall mean the party or responsible adult who Borough of Telford and Wrekin enters into the “agreement”
  • the “agreement” shall mean the agreement made between Borough of Telford and Wrekin and the client included in this equipment loan agreement document
  • the “equipment” shall mean the object or objects that are being loaned
  • the “loan period” shall mean the date collected from the originating library until the date returned to the originating library.

Loan of device

The client understands that by signing this agreement they confirm receipt of the device and recognise that the loaned device remains the property of Borough of Telford and Wrekin. The client confirms that the device will remain in the possession of the person to whom it was originally loaned.

Loan period

The period of loan shall commence on the date scanned out via valid library card for a period up to 4 weeks. The client will be responsible for the equipment from the date of collection until it is returned to the location where the device was originally collected. A receipt will be given upon collection which will include the device return date.

Loan extension

Should the client wish to extend the period of the loan of the equipment from Borough of Telford and Wrekin they must refer to the original library where the device was collected to discuss an extension. This must be done before the specified date the device is due back in the loan period details. Please note it may not always be possible to extend the loan. You can also contact the contact centre to enquire about extending the term for one further 4-week period on 01952 382915.

Return of equipment

The equipment shall be returned to the original library from which it was borrowed. The equipment must be returned in the same condition it was prior to the loan period. A quality check will be completed upon return of the device and accessories.

Failure to return equipment

If the client does not return the equipment to the lending library by the specified return date and has not requested an extension of the loan period, a cost will be incurred for each full day the equipment is not returned. The client shall accept and pay any charges issued by Borough of Telford and Wrekin reflecting such costs. Borough of Telford and Wrekin will utilise device tracking functionality should this be required.


The client accepts responsibility for ensuring the device is not deliberately damaged, sold, passed on to any other person or defaced in any way. The client is responsible for any cost(s) because of loss or damage to the equipment during the whole loan period.

Acceptable use

Upon signing these terms and conditions the client confirms they:

  1. have read the information in this agreement
  2. understand the importance of the safe use of technology and the internet
  3. understand that activity on the systems will be monitored and that contact will be made if there are any concerns about any breaches of the agreement
  4. understand that Borough of Telford and Wrekin is not responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed via the loaned device and that they are responsible for supervising their child’s use of the device if applicable
  5. understand that recalled devices must be returned promptly to the originating library in full working condition unless a fault report has already been made.


Filtering software is used to help prevent access to websites hosting illegal, offensive or inappropriate material. It is not possible to be completely effective in this and the client must also take responsibility for their own activities. The filtering system may eliminate some material that is perfectly acceptable.


It is the client's responsibility to set up a passcode on the iPad, the device will not be set with a default passcode. Please refer to the basic user guide tutorial to set a passcode.

Security, disclaimers and copyright

The client accepts and acknowledges that:

  1. they are responsible for any information retrieved from the internet on the loaned equipment and for the use of the information retrieved, under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1988
  2. Borough of Telford and Wrekin accepts no responsibility for the nature, or the accuracy of the information and data accessed and retrieved
  3. any material downloaded from the internet onto any type of external storage device may contain viruses
  4. the internet is not a secure medium, and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding the client's activities
  5. if the client chooses to use credit or debit cards on the loaned equipment they do so at their own risk
  6. all data and information will be deleted from the device immediately when the device is returned to the library.

Data protection

Borough of Telford and Wrekin is bound by the regulations of the Data Protection Act 2018 and will not release information on the use of specific iPad resources by members of the public except as required by law, to disclose the commission of an offence or for the purpose of the management of the user’s use of the lending policy.

Feedback form

A feedback form should be completed to enable Borough of Telford and Wrekin Libraries to gather data on the links/apps and other information accessed by device users.

Last updated: 06/06/2024 18:04

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