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Multicultural Development Team (MDT)

We are part of Telford & Wrekin’s Education and Skills Service area ‘Achievement and Enrichment'. We also serve Shropshire schools and provide training and support for a number of other educational providers.

MDT provides specialist English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaching and assessment, and bilingual TA support. We also provide training, support, guidance and resources for schools in:

  • working with pupils who have English as an additional language, including those who are newly arrived from overseas and more advanced EAL learners
  • raising the attainment of minority ethnic pupils who are at risk of underachieving
  • meeting OFSTED expectations with regards to British Values, Cultural Capital and equalities and diversity;
  • tackling racism and promoting equality of opportunity for all pupils
  • the promotion of all pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as providing support to promote behaviour and attitudes of pupils to enhance their understanding of tolerance and respect.

MDT are at the forefront of supporting schools with training and advice around equality and diversity for over 20 years. We provide:

  • equality and diversity training
  • advice and guidance on school policies, procedures and curriculum support
  • recording and monitoring of Racist incidents in schools (IRIS)
  • an immediate response and support service to schools and Early years settings who need advice and support following an incident in their setting.
  • equality and diversity school audits.

We work on a traded basis with all schools, Early Years settings and other educational providers.

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