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Insurance claims

The Insurance Team’s responsibilities include dealing with claims made against Telford & Wrekin Council. Please think carefully before making a claim against the Council, your claim will only be successful if the Council can be proven to be negligent.

There may be occasions where Telford & Wrekin Council is legally liable for damage to property or injury. In such instances the Council will offer compensation through its insurers.

Portal Claims - Solicitors

For solicitors wishing to register claims within the portal, our claims handlers contact details are:

For all incidents occurring on or before 31 March 2016:

Gallagher Bassett
High Point
Sandy Hill Business Park
Sandy Way
B77 4DU

Insurer: QBE UK Limited
Policy Number: Y139333FLT0121A
Portal ID for MOJ portal claims: D00019

For all Employers and Public Liability incidents occurring 1 April 2016 onwards:

249 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes
MK9 1 YA

Insurer: Maven Public Sector
Policy Number: 16-MPS-LIA-00000012

What happens to my claim?

Once we receive a completed insurance claim form the Council's Insurance team will acknowledge receipt of the claim within 10 working days. They will give you the contact details of the Council's insurance company claims handlers and the Council's claim reference number. We accept correspondence by e-mail if this is your preferred option.

The team will then request a full report from the relevant Council service area. That service area will complete an investigation and relevant documentation will then be passed to the Council's claims handlers via the Insurance Team.

Once the Council's insurers have received your claim, they will acknowledge receipt and conduct their own investigations. The insurers will correspond directly with you.

Insurance fraud - what you need to know

In order to protect Council taxpayers' money, we aim to detect and prevent fraud.

We do this in a number of ways, for example:

  • the Council's insurers share information with other organisations to prevent fraudulent insurance claims
  • we may release details of your claim to other organisations, which also have a duty to protect public funds.

Brief details can be obtained by referring to the Council’s fraud investigation page.

If you are aware of a fraudulent insurance claim please contact the Insurance team.

The first £50,000 of each and every claim is met by the Council itself and therefore ultimately by the Council's taxpayers'. By helping us to detect fraud you will be helping the community.

Last updated: 17/10/2023 13:01

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