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Expenditure over £100

This information is about items or services purchased by the council that cost over £100.

We are publishing this information to be open about our spending and to improve access to our data.

The reports are prepared and published monthly in arrears, please view the reports:

The data shows a range of information including:

  • the supplier name
  • amount of spend
  • a description of the spend
  • the purchasing department.

What is not included:

  • salaries
  • refunds
  • sensitive personal information, such as individual foster carer payments
  • any payments which may reveal details about an individual
  • internal charges between different parts of the council
  • school expenditure.

All spend data has been reviewed internally prior to publication. Payments to certain individuals and suppliers cannot be disclosed as they are covered by Data Protection Act requirements. Where this is the case the individual or supplier name has been replaced with the words 'Redacted for personal data’

The costs shown exclude VAT.

Government Procurement Card (GPC) expenditure

To further underpin our commitment to providing financial transparency, the Council will now be publishing all of its Government Procurement Card (GPC) expenditure. The GPC is a branded purchasing card which the Council uses to make low value purchases for good services and works. The card is not a replacement for formal purchase orders or contracts but offers a complimentary solution to enable officers to secure best value and emergency provision when its required and ensures our suppliers are paid promptly.

The GPC is not a traditional credit card and the Council, as a business, does not accrue any incentive or loyalty points from retailers or the provider when using it.

The reports will be prepared and published monthly in arrears, please view the reports:

Data format

We draw the data each month from our financial management system.

We are currently publishing the data in CSV format, which allows you to copy the data into a spreadsheet or database.

This data is free to reuse under the Open Government Licence and in accordance with the data.gov.uk Code of Conduct.


Please email any queries about an expenditure report to procurement@telford.gov.uk; we will endeavour to respond within 10 working days.

If your query is about a specific item, please provide the supplier name, the amount and department. Otherwise, please give us the month to which your query relates and any particular supplier names about which you wish to enquire.

Last updated: 13/03/2024 18:06

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