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Population characteristics

Telford and Wrekin is home to some 179,900 people (ONS 2019 MYE) living in 78,130 households (VOA, Council Tax Stock of properties 2020).

Below are a number of documents that provide information about the population of Telford and Wrekin.

Download the population and household summary which provides a quick summary of population numbers with age breakdown and total number of households.

Download the Telford and Wrekin Key Facts sheet, which provides a range of quick information about population, education and employment.

View information about the Telford and Wrekin population profile which contains data on the following areas in Telford and Wrekin:

  • population
  • household
  • health
  • safeguarding
  • crime
  • education
  • economy.

View information about the Telford and Wrekin indices of deprivation report contains details of deprivation levels within the Borough at small geographical areas compared to nationally across the following topics:

  • income
  • employment
  • health deprivation and disability
  • education skills and training
  • barriers to housing and services
  • crime and disorder
  • living environment
  • income deprivation affecting children
  • income deprivation affecting older people.

To help understand differences in the population of Telford and Wrekin, we have produced a number of documents which profile smaller geographical areas of the borough, such as wards.

  • View information about Ward profiles - a summary of population, deprivation, housing, crime, educational attainment, employment and benefit claimants data for each of the 33 wards.
  • View information about the Ward health profiles - a summary of health related data about each ward, including life expectancy, low birth weight babies, breastfeeding rates, obesity, adult lifestyle, bad health and causes of death.

View information about the Census, that provides the finding of the 2011 and 2001 Census.  Local findings from the recent 2021 Census will also be shared here once available, with the first results expected during 2022.

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