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Stray, roaming or lost dogs


The Dog Warden helps keep stray/roaming dogs away from our streets and open spaces, they will return them to their home, wherever possible. Micro-chipping your dog helps us contact you as quickly as possible and provides peace of mind. 

Hilbrae Kennels will collect and care for stray dogs until their owners can be located. Hilbrae Kennels can only collect dogs which have already been caught and contained.


Charges will apply for collection, kennelling and any veterinary treatment (if applicable), a reduced fee will apply if your dog has an up to date micro-chip:

  • £40 for a dog not chipped or chip is out of date
  • £35 for a dog that is chipped with accurate information
  • the cost of any kennelling fees
  • the cost of any veterinary treatment where applicable. 

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How do I report a stray/roaming/lost dog?

Hilbrae Pet's Hotel
Cold Hatton

Telephone: 01952 541254
Mobile: 07966 515776
Email: info@hilbrae.co.uk

Last updated: 15/08/2022 09:40