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Pre-application advice

If you want to check if you are likely to get planning permission before you formally submit your application to us you can apply for pre-application advice.

Pre-application advice can help speed up the planning process as any potential problems can be highlighted before you submit an application. The benefit of pre-application advice allows you to:

  • understand how policies and guidance will be applied to development that is specific to your proposal
  • understand what is required to support the application, identifying specialist input at an early stage
  • potentially reduce the time it takes to determine an application
  • indicate proposals which are unacceptable, saving time and money in pursuing a formal application.

From January 2020, the Council revised the way that pre-application advice is given. The revision also updates the charging schedule to help recover some of the costs for providing this discretionary service.

Different types of pre-application advice

The Council offers various types of pre-application advice:

  • Verbal advice - providing free planning advice on principles of householder development only.
  • Householder permitted development confirmation - providing written confirmation whether planning permission is or is not required for any development.
  • Pre-application written advice - consulting internal technical specialists, Parish/Town Councils and Councillors, providing a detailed written response to the proposed development and the requirements for any application.
  • Pre-application workshops - providing a workshop that includes the technical specialists, to engage with the developer, highlighting issues and identifying solutions. This is followed by a detailed written response to the proposed development and the requirements for any application. This is made available to all scales of development.
  • Development briefs - provides an indication of acceptable types of development to help sellers or purchasers make informed choices.

Useful information

Is pre-application advice mandatory?

No, you don't have to obtain pre-application advice from us. However, if an application is submitted which requires significant change where pre-application advice has not been sought or followed, then it's likely that decisions will be taken without further opportunity to amend schemes. This is likely to incur further costs to you through submitting additional applications.

Download the pre-application planning advice procedure guidance

Last updated: 10/10/2023 12:01

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