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Apply for planning permission or vary/discharge/compliance of S106

Apply for planning permission

Before you apply, please check if you have completed the following steps:

  1. Checked if you need planning permission for the work you want to do? View the Planning Portal's advice on whether you need to apply for planning permission.
  2. Found out what you need to supply with an application? View Telford & Wrekin Council's Planning information page on what documentation is needed to support your planning application.
  3. Understood how much it will cost? View Telford and Wrekin's planning application fees page to see how much your planning application will cost.

The easiest and quickest way to apply is online through the Planning Portal. You can complete the form, attach your documents and pay (or allocate for someone else to pay), all in the same application process.

Visit Planning Portal website to apply for planning permission

Alternatively if you cannot submit your application online, you can download and print a paper form from the Planning Portal. If you submit your application by post, this will incur an administration fee of £75 and there may be a delay in receiving your application. 

If you send us any documents or plans by email we only accept Adobe PDF, JPEG, Word or Excel file types (any plans must be PDF only) with a maximum file size of 10MB each.

Visit the Planning Portal website to download a paper copy of the planning permission application

View Telford & Wrekin Council's Planning application process page for the different steps and processes in the cycle of a planning application

Find out if you are able to fast track your planning application

Apply to vary or discharge a S106 planning agreement

A Section 106 planning agreement, also known as a planning obligation, may by changed or discharged in two ways.

Within 5 years of the date of the completion of the obligation at any time by agreement between us and the person(s) against whom the obligation is enforceable.

You will need to complete an application form. A planning administration fee of £350 will apply in addition to any legal charges.

Complete our application form to modify or discharge a S106

After 5 years beginning with the date the obligation was legally completed or a later date specified in the obligation itself.

You will need to complete an application form and give the appropriate notice. A planning administration fee of £350 will apply in addition to any legal charges. The council will aim to determine valid applications within 8 weeks.

Complete our application form to modify or discharge a S106

Complete our S106 notice

Request for S106 compliance

You can request confirmation in writing as to whether financial and non-financial S106 obligations have been satisfied. A fee of £90 applies, inclusive of VAT, for each site. The council will provide written request within 10 working days. We currently do not provide a fast track service. 

Please make your request by email to planning.control@telford.gov.uk quoting the planning application reference number(s).

Last updated: 28/03/2024 08:39

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