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Planning Committee

Planning Committee procedures

Your application may go to Planning Committee, a committee of members, if any of the following apply: 

  • a proposal that involves the Council as either applicant or landowner (or has a financial interest) and the proposal is a strategic major application defined as a residential scheme of 300 or more units and non-residential creating more than 10,000m2 gross floor area/development over 5ha excluding reserved matters applications
  • if submitted by or on behalf of a Director or above or an Elected member
  • if formally requested by the relevant Ward Member or relevant Parish Council within the consultation period
  • the number and nature of representations from the public against officer recommendation is, in the opinion of the Service Delivery Manager: Development Management and/or Area Planning Officer, sufficient to require that the application should be determined by Committee.

About the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee comprises of:

  • a chair
  • a vice chair
  • seven other borough councillors.

The Planning Committee meetings are held in public and they meet on a four week cycle, where public speaking allows for some representations to be made for a period of three minutes.

View the Planning Online portal to view the latest scheduled Planning Committee meetings

View more information about the scheduling and timing of planning committee meetings.

What happens if my application is going to be considered by the Planning Committee 

Visit Planning Online to find out if your application is going to be considered by the Planning Committee you will not be automatically informed, it is your responsibility to check, you can also find out by speaking to a member of the Development Management team team on 01952 380380.

Visit Planning Online to find out if your application is going to be considered by the Planning Committee

  • An officer prepares a report and makes a recommendation to the committee, which is available five working days prior to the meeting.
  • Further representations are permitted by members of the public up until 48 hours prior to the committee and these must be made by email to planning.control@telford.gov.uk and labelled ‘urgent for planning committee’, representations made after this time may not be reported.
  • On occasions a site visit is conducted by the members of the committee. Whilst members of the public are permitted to attend the visit, no engagement or debate is allowed as this would prejudice the predetermination of the application.

Watch the proceedings via the live stream on YouTube

How can I register my interest in speaking at the Planning Committee

If you wish to speak at the Planning Committee you need to register your interest to the Democratic Services team, no later than 5pm, two working days before the meeting:

Telephone: 01952 383205
Email: PublicSpeaking@telford.gov.uk

By letter to:

Democratic Services
Telford & Wrekin Council
Darby House
Lawn Central
Telford Town Centre

View information and guidance on the Planning Committee meetings

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