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Building control inspections

Building work must be inspected during its progress and sufficient notice must be given to enable the Building Control team to arrange site visits. This applies to work sanctioned under both full plans, and building notice application procedures.

It is essential that commencement and final completion notices are given.

There are statutory inspections which must be made throughout the building work.

The overall purpose of site inspections is to ensure that the work taking place is in compliance with building regulations. It is also recommended that the builder and building control surveyor meet on site so that any building regulation problems can be resolved before the builder leaves the site.

Inspection of building work

The Building Control team will produce an inspection notification plan for each individual project submitted to the Council and will provide this to the applicant at plan check stage or on commencement of the works.

The Building Control team will require notice to undertake the following inspections:

  • at the beginning of the work on site, including any site stripping and/or foundations excavations/preparation
  • following the installation of any foundation concrete, damp proof courses/membranes and prior to any conditions beneath the site being covered over by concrete
  • following the installation of, or alterations to, any structural elements and prior to covering up structural work (pre-plaster check)
  • before the back-filling of any drainage installation, and the witnessing of any drains tests
  • prior to occupation or at the time of completion.

Additional inspections considered to be of critical importance by the Building Control Officer following a risk assessment will also be carried out. These additional inspections are based on the following:

  • structural elements and components, the failure of which would be significant
  • all works which constitute unusual designs or methods of working
  • work relating to fire safety
  • additional areas of work necessary for the subsequent issue of a completion certificate.

Completion certificate

A completion certificate will be provided following a satisfactory completion inspection.

If we are not contacted in respect of your application for 3 years, an additional charge of £140 plus VAT will be applicable to re-open your application.

If you require a replacement completion certificate, a charge is applicable to cover the administration of this service. View information about the different levels of service we provide for a replacement completion certificate and how much it may cost. The completion certificate should be kept in a safe place as it will be required for future legal matters associated with the property e.g. re-mortgage, property sale etc.

Last updated: 07/04/2022 16:33

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