Street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering is a statutory service undertaken by the Council to issue and officially register postal addresses in the borough under the Public Health Act 1925.

The address of a property is an increasingly important issue. It is vital that the emergency services can locate a property quickly and efficiently. We have the responsibility to maintain a Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG), which is a database of property addresses within Telford & Wrekin.

Development Management is responsible for the allocation of new property numbers and new street names as well as making changes to existing addresses.

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Is there a charge for this service?

Yes. With effect from Monday 8 May 2017 the Council will recover the costs for the provision of the Street naming and numbering service.

See the table below for details of applicable charges (VAT exempt):

This table shows the charges for this service.
New builds
New domestic or commercial address (1 unit) £65
New domestic or commercial addresses (2 – 5 units) £150
New domestic or commercial addresses (6 – 10 units) £400
New domestic or commercial addresses (11 – 25 units) £600
New domestic or commercial addresses (26 – 50 units) £700
New domestic or commercial addresses (51 – 100 units) £800
New domestic or commercial addresses (100+ units) £900
Change of development layout after notification £100 + £35 per plot
Name and address a new building £100 + £20 per unit
Existing property
Amendment of an existing address e.g. addition or amendment of property name £65
New street name (s)
Naming (or re-naming) of a new street(s) £200 per site

Our updated procedures will ensure the provision of a professional and efficient service which meets the requirements of the customer, ensuring that careful consideration is given to each application and timely decisions are given within our terms and conditions

All queries regarding your post code should be referred to the Royal Mail postcode section.

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