Registering a birth

Please note: your baby's birth must be registered within 42 days (6 weeks) of the date of birth.

Where can I register the birth?

You can give information about your baby's birth at any Register Office in England or Wales. Therefore, if it is more convenient for you, you can attend the local register office for where you live.

All Register Offices have appointment systems, meaning you must always pre-book an appointment to register your baby's birth.

For residents living outside of the Telford & Wrekin Council and Shropshire Council areas, please contact your local office to complete a declaration of birth.

Please note: birth certificates will only be issued at the time of the appointment if you attend the Register Office for where the birth took place, not necessarily where you live. Since 1 November 2017, there has been no statutory provision to issue a short birth certificate free of charge. Therefore, any certificates purchased on the day of a registration will cost £11 each.

Please note: only card payments can be taken by the Registration Service. We are unable to take cash payments.

Telford and Wrekin residents

Telephone: 01952 382444
or book online

Shropshire residents

Telephone: 0345 6789016
or book online

Register Offices outside the Borough of Telford & Wrekin will be able to take a Declaration of Particulars of your child's birth to forward on to the Register Office in the district in which your baby was born. This is where the birth will be formally registered, and that office will post the baby's birth certificate to you. Please remember that this will take a few days to arrive by post.

If you attend Wellington Register Office and your baby was born in the Princess Royal Hospital or at home in the Borough of Telford & Wrekin, we will register the birth for you and you will be able to take away the child's birth certificate at the time of registration.

Telford & Wrekin Registration Services have offices at:

  • Telford & Wrekin Register Office, Civic & Leisure Centre, Tan Bank, Wellington, TF1 1LX (phone and online  bookings available)
  • Newport Library, High Street, Newport (phone bookings only)
  • First Point Telford, Southwater One, Telford Town Centre (phone bookings only).

Who can register a birth?

If the mother and father of the child were married to each other at the time of the birth, either parent may register the birth.

If the mother and father of the child were not married to each other at the time of the birth, the mother alone may register the birth. The father's details can only be entered into the register if he is present at the time of the registration. If there are difficulties in attending to register or in making a declaration of particulars, please call the Register Office to discuss the situation.

How do I register a birth?

You are able to register a birth in the District of Telford and Wrekin at our Register Office in Wellington, Monday to Friday. All registrations are by appointment only. Please book an appointment online or call us on 01952 382444 if you need an appointment sooner than is offered online.

The registration process usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Please remember to bring to your appointment proof of ID for the parents of the baby being registered, proof of your address, your marriage certificate (if you are married) and the small 'red book' issued by the hospital.

Book an appointment

We will need the following information to process the registration.

About the baby:

  • the time, date and place of birth (additionally, if more than one baby was born, the time of each birth)
  • the sex of the baby
  • the forename(s) and surname the baby is to be given.

About the mother:

  • full forename(s) and surname, including maiden name (if the mother is or has been married)
  • date and place of birth
  • current or last occupation
  • if applicable, the date of marriage
  • if applicable, the number of children she has by her present and any former husband.

About the father:

  • full forename(s) and surname
  • date and place of birth
  • current or last occupation
  • if applicable, the date of marriage.

If the parents are not married to each other, the mother is not obliged to have the father's details included in the entry. It may be possible for them to be added at a later date.

Tell Us Once

If you live within the borough of Telford & Wrekin you can complete the Tell Us Once service at the time of the birth registration. This will help to advise the Department for Work and Pensions of the birth, saving you having to send the original birth certificate through the post.

To use this service, please make sure you complete a child benefit form and bring it to your appointment (along with a stamped addressed A5 envelope addressed to the Child Benefit Office) to give to the registrar.

Changing your child's forename(s)

The Births and Deaths Registration Act allows changes to forename(s) to be recorded in the register. You can apply for this to be done at any time after the birth, as long as the new forename(s) were given to the child within 12 months of the birth being registered. You can only record a change to your child's forename(s) once. There is a statutory fee of £40 for any application. Please contact us on 01952 382444 for more information.

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