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Funding to develop your organisation

This fund offers up to £5,000 to support the development of groups and projects which offer preventative, community-based services. The fund aims to help communities to build capacity, in order to empower and encourage self-help resulting in a reduction in reliance on Council and other public services. Eligible organisations who are keen to develop their organisation both in terms of increasing capacity/reach and/or providing new opportunities for communities will be able to apply for funding to assist with developing community based projects and activities.

Grant applications over £1,000 must be match funded £ for £ for the value above £1,000, please view the guidance document for full information.

How to apply

It is important that you read the full guidance document for this grant before applying. This gives you all the information you need to decide whether this is the right grant for you and will help you to ensure that your application is eligible. 

Applications must be submitted online, and a list of the questions you will be asked and tips on completing your application is available to help you. 

Applications can be submitted at any time.

If you are successful in your application you will be asked to complete a short monitoring form to tell us about the difference the grant has made. You will also be provided with guidance on communications to give you ideas on how you can let people know about your project. 

A grant-making foundation, which aims to support charities and projects that are particularly focused on building community and on empowering participants to reach their potential.

Visit the Imagine Foundation website

Offers grants to support with long-term core costs or to strengthen organisational development. 

Visit the Lloyds Bank Foundation website

A variety of grants including supporting disadvantaged young people transition to adulthood, migration and integration, arts based learning and access and participation.

Visit the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website

Supporting the start up, development and sustainability of community businesses.

Visit the Power to Change website

Investing in entrepreneurial ideas, inspirational projects and promising leaders with the will to make a difference. Providing up to £10,000 of seed funding and support to enable aspiring leaders and social entrepreneurs to establish their own ventures. 

Visit the Shackleton Foundation website

Offers development funding and strategic support to early-stage charities and social enterprises.

Visit The Fore Trust website

Supports smaller groups, embedded in their communities, which work directly with people who are on the edges of mainstream society, encouraging inclusion, integration and independence. 

Currently closed to new applications whilst they re-evaluate and develop a new strategy.

Visit The Tudor Trust website

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