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I have household asbestos I need to dispose of, what do I need to do?

Any household asbestos you remove can be disposed of at either of our Household Recycling Centres in a specific sealed skip.

View information about Halesfield HRC View information about Hortonwood HRC

Please do not take any asbestos to the HRCs without calling them in advance, they need to confirm there is space in the sealed skip and that you have used the correct wrapping for the asbestos.

Please note the site staff are not able to offer assistance with lifting or carrying the wrapped asbestos due to the nature of the waste.

Contact numbers for both HRCs:

  • Monday to Sunday, 9am - 5pm
    Telephone: 0203 5676482

What should you use to wrap your asbestos?

  • Bags certified to UN2590 standard:
    •  suitable for smaller quantities of asbestos.
  • 1000 gauge plastic wrap:
    • suitable for wrapping large sheets.

Free asbestos bags/plastic wrap

  • You can call the site directly to arrange to collect your free asbestos bags certified to UN2590/1000 gauge plastic wrap.
  • You can also pop along to either site between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday and collect.

Important information:

  • Visit the Health and Safety Executive website to check for information on how to safely handle and remove asbestos from your residential property
  • always wear a suitable face mask when handling asbestos to stop you breathing in harmful dust
  • wear gloves when handling asbestos
  • to minimise dust generation all asbestos materials should be thoroughly wetted prior to removal
  • use a strong/heavy duty tape when sealing and wrapping the asbestos
  • ensure no asbestos is exposed once wrapped, wrap those corners tightly, any exposed asbestos will be refused
  • do not take asbestos to the HRC sites without calling first as you may be turned away, we need to ensure there is space available in the sealed asbestos skip
  • the maximum sized pieces of wrapped/taped asbestos we can accept are 4ft x 6ft pieces
  • we will only accept asbestos once the load has been inspected by the site attendant and they are satisfied with the wrapped state.

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