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Hortonwood HRC

Vehicles not allowed to use HRCs

Illustration of vehicles not allowed to use the HRCs
  • Van or commercial vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.
  • Vehicles over 5.5 metres long.
  • Agricultural vehicles.
  • Flatbed vehicles.
  • Horse boxes or horse trailers.
  • Tipper vehicles.
  • Luton box vans.

Vehicles that are allowed to use HRCs and don't require an E-permit

Illustration of vehicles you can use without a permit at HRCs

Please note: if you are using any of the vehicles below with a trailer you will need an E-permit.

  • Car.
  • 4x4 with rear seats.
  • Campervan - please note vehicles over 5.5. metres in length are not permitted on site.
  • People carrier.

Vehicles that need an E-permit to use HRCs

Illustration of vehicles that require an e-permit

Please note: no flatbed vehicles are accepted onsite, you will need an E-permit for a trailer regardless of the trailer size.

  • Car with trailer.
  • Campervan with trailer.
  • People carrier with trailer.
  • 4x4 with trailer.
  • 4x4 with no rear windows/rear seats.
  • 4x4 with open back or back that is separate to the main cab such as a closed cab pick up.
  • Vans or commercial vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes and not over 5.5 metres long.
  • Pick up truck.

Apply for an E-permit

Last updated: 04/05/2020 08:37

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