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Online payments - issue with Google Chrome


Depending on what type of vehicle you are using when visiting our HRC, you may require a permit, these can be used at either HRC site.

What are E-permits?

On Monday 16 January 2017 we introduced the new E-permits system, so no more bits of paper to find before you head out to the HRC sites, the E-permits are also allocated to the household now, so any resident living at the property can use the E-permits if their vehicle type requires permits and is accepted on site.

  • Each household can receive a maximum of 10 permits per year and this will allow them to dispose of any household waste items which can not be placed inside the red top bin.
  • We no longer require the make/model or registration of the vehicle when applying for E-permits.

The old style paper permits, previously issued to residents of Telford and Wrekin, are still being accepted at our HRC sites, however we will not be replacing these, you will be advised to register for e-permits.

Please note: that an E-permit does not allow you, under any circumstances, to deposit trade waste at the HRCs. Further information for traders is available on our website.

Last updated: 13/03/2019 15:55

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