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Young Person Grant Scheme 2024

Ready to start your application process? Great! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Before you get started, please read the terms and conditions of the grant.

What do I need to do?

Make sure you have everything you need before you start your application. Please take a look at our handy video guide on how to fill in your application, or use the check list below to gather everything you might need.

Your application check list

Make sure you have:

  • Thought about what the grant could help you achieve - you will be asked to explain this either in writing, via a video or even through a voice recording. Use the method you feel most comfortable with.
  • Know the cost of the item you would like to invest in - up to £500 is available, but a course you want to study might be £200. The more precise you can be the better!
  • Have a referee who can support your application - they can’t be a family member or friend, so ask a trusted adult from school, college or work who can support you.
  • Have any supporting information or documents ready to go - if you would like to provide extra information, show off your portfolio, certificates, or future plan for your business, have this ready before you start to apply.

Feel like you’re not sure what to write or who to ask for help? Check out our application help guide for some examples to help you on your way.

The application process has now closed.

Applicants will be contacted via email no later than 23 August 2024 with the results of their application.

Last updated: 19/07/2024 17:16

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