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Annual billing - your questions answered

We aim to issue your annual Council Tax bill between the 1 March and 15 March each year. This is to ensure that we give you as much notice as possible before your new charge commences on the 1 April. Your bill will either be delivered electronically or via post depending on your communication preference.

You can view information on how to sign up for e-billing, ensuring you are first to receive your bill, in a more cost effective manner.

If you are already paying your Council Tax by Direct Debit you do not have to contact us or your bank to continue paying this way. When you receive your annual bill it will detail Direct Debit in the box directly below ‘Payment Instruction’.

If it doesn’t, then you can complete our online form to sign up to pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit.

Please note, if you pay by Standing Order you must notify your bank of the new instalments. Failure to do so, could result in recovery action.

Local parish charges are a charge included in your Council Tax bill set by the individual Parish/Town Council in which your property is located. This charge is used to maintain local playing fields and open spaces, footway lighting and looking after cemeteries and graveyards.

Telford & Wrekin Council, including local parishes and precepts (Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority, Adult Social Care, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia) are responsible for setting Council Tax levels in consideration of their budgetary requirements.

The Council decides the total amount of Council Tax needed and legislation dictates how that amount is divided proportionately between each Council Tax band.

Download the explanatory notes for a detailed explanation on how your Council Tax is worked out

The collection of Council Tax helps pay for essential services such as schools, community centres, street lighting, libraries and swimming pools. A proportion of Council Tax collection also pays towards police, fire and collection/disposal of waste. There is no reduction for people who do not use these services.

If you are in arrears your annual bill will show a balance brought forward from the previous year, bear in mind that the bills are produced at the beginning of March and may not include any payments you have made since this date. You can view an up to date account balance by logging into your on line My Council Tax account. View your My Council Tax account.

Arrears will not be included in the instalment amounts and are payable immediately, please visit the eStore payment system to make an online payment or contact us on 01952 383838 to discuss a payment arrangement.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is responsible for allocating a Council Tax band to each domestic property. At annual billing, the band your property is allocated does not change and is detailed on the top right of your bill.

However, the amount of banding is subject to change.

View more information on Council Tax banding

When the annual billing process is completed and the annual Council Tax bills are issued, the general day to day Council Tax billing ceases for a short period. However, you can continue to report all changes to address and applications for discounts and exemptions can be submitted to us as per normal. A revised bill will be issued as soon as Council Tax billing recommences in mid-April.

It is essential that until you receive your revised Council Tax bill you continue to pay as per your latest bill.

Last updated: 17/05/2024 13:53

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