Council Tax bill explained

To help you understand your bill this page will help explain what each section means.

A screenshot of the Council Tax annual bill

1. The names of the persons who are liable for Council Tax. View information on who is liable for Council Tax.

2. The address the bill has been issued to. In most cases this is also the address that the bill is for. But, if the bill is for a different address it will state this below.

3. The address for which the Council Tax bill is for, if different from the address above in point 2.

4. This is the date the bill has been issued. Council Tax bills are posted 2nd class.

5. This is your unique Council Tax account reference number. If you need to contact us, or pay your bill, you will require this number.

6. The Valuation Office Agency allocates your property a band. The amount you pay, will depend what band your property has been allocated. View more information on Council Tax banding.

7. The property reference is a unique code given to the property and is for internal use only. Please do not quote this number when attempting to pay your Council Tax.

8. If your property qualifies for a Disabled Band Relief it will show here. View more information on Disabled Band relief.

9. The online key is a unique code on each bill that gives you access to your My Council Tax account online.

10. The barcode will be required if you wish to pay your bill at a pay point or post office outlet.

A screenshot of the Council Tax annual bill

11. This section details how the Council tax charge is split between the Council and charges for other organisations that we collect on their behalf. These are Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority, The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia and since 1 April 2016 Adult Social Care. They are added together and form the total annual charge for the property. It also details the annual percentage increase for each individual charge.

12. The period for which your Council Tax bill relates to, alongside the total charge.

13. Here you will find details of any adjustments, such as a discount or exemption.

14. At the date the bill was issued this details the payments received towards your bill. Details of any Council Tax Support award and payments made on your account are detailed on separate lines.

15. The amount of the charge you have left to pay by 31 March. This is your overall account balance which is the total amount owing for all financial years.

A screenshot of the Council Tax annual bill

16. Your payment method, instalment dates and the amounts due. If it states Direct Debit, instalments will be taken automatically from your bank account. It will show here any due amounts that are immediately payable from the previous bill.

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