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How are trees on development sites affected?

Trees on development sites can be protected by TPO’s or by conditions attached to the planning permission or both. Planning conditions may also require you to plant trees, which may be covered by a TPO that have been removed. All new tree plantings will be covered by the existing TPO once they are planted.

Can I carry out work on protected trees, which are in the way of proposed development?

You cannot carry out tree work if you have applied for any form of planning permission as this would be deemed as pre-empting the outcome, nor should you carry out tree work if you have secured outline permission.

We may prosecute you if you have cut trees down or cut them back excessively before development. If the development does not require planning permissions (for example, putting up a garden shed) you must apply to your local planning authority for permission under the TPO in the normal way.

Can I stop planning permission being granted or prevent approved development being carried out by getting a TPO imposed on trees on the site?

No. TPO’S are not designed to prevent planning permission being granted.

We will consider the risk to protected trees when deciding planning applications.

Once detailed planning permission is granted any felling may be carried out which is directly required to enable the development to go ahead.

Last updated: 04/08/2022 09:51

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