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Request a tree to be protected by a Tree Preservation Order

The Local Authority can be contacted for you to request a tree be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

Send an email to neighbourhoodservices.support@telford.gov.uk and give details of the trees and the reasons why you think they should be protected.

When considering a request we’ll establish that:

  • the trees are clearly visible from a public place, such as a highway, public footpath or bridleway
  • the loss of the trees would have a significant impact on the local environment and its enjoyment by the public
  • the trees are in reasonable health and condition.

In addition, the trees should also be under threat, for example from proposed development or a change in land ownership.

If the Forestry Commission has given aid under a forestry grant scheme, a TPO can be made only with the Commission’s permission.

Object or support a proposed TPO

You can object or support a proposed TPO. You’ll need to do this within 28 days of the proposal notice being issued. The closing date for responses together with details where to send any comments will be given on the notice of intent to make a TPO.

You’ll need to say why you’re supporting/objecting to the proposal and which trees you’re commenting on. We’ll then take these comments into account when it is decided whether to confirm it or not. When the authority confirms a TPO, it can be modified, for example by excluding some of the trees.

If the Tree Preservation order is confirmed there is no right of appeal.

If you’re directly affected by the making of a TPO you can make an application to the High Court if:

  • the TPO is not within the powers of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • the requirements of the 1990 Act or Town and Country Planning Regulations 1999 have not been complied with in relation to the order.

Last updated: 04/08/2022 09:47

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