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Work to Council owned trees

In 2021 the Council refreshed Tree and Woodland Policy, view information about the Tree and Woodland Policy for Telford and Wrekin. The document describes how the Council manage its trees and details the works which the Council will undertake upon trees within the resources available.

The Council will only undertake the following works:

  • fell or prune trees in a dangerous condition
  • fell dead trees in high amenity area and leave dead trees within habitat areas until no longer safe to do so
  • prune trees physically touching a dwelling house to provide a minimum clearance of 2.5m from the property, where possible
  • prune trees blocking a footpath or road junction to retain visibility around junctions, streetlights, road signs and traffic lights
  • take appropriate action in cases of subsidence once a full tree and soil report has been received from an insurance company
  • investigate reports on unauthorised works to our trees and seek to prosecute where relevant
  • investigate reports of vandalism to a Council owned tree and try to correct any damage where we can
  • investigate trip hazards, we will undertake measures to make safe an unacceptable trip hazard in street, road or highway caused by the growth of a Council owned tree
  • we have no general policy to remove trees poisonous fruit/foliage (such as yew tees), however where it is claimed or known that unsupervised young children are likely to be exposed to poisonous berries or foliage, such cases will be investigated and appropriate action considered
  • where a Council owned tree is associated with criminal activity and/or anti-social behaviour, measures to reduce the problem will be considered on a site-by-site basis.

Please use our online form to report your issue:

Complete our online form to report a problem with a Council owned tree

What happens next?

A site inspection will be undertaken.

Customers will be informed within 20 working days of receipt that a site inspection is required and that such a site inspection will be undertaken within 2 weeks of receipt and the customer notified of what action is considered appropriate. 

Last updated: 18/08/2022 10:06

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