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Brownfield register

What is the purpose of the register?

A brownfield land register is a list of previously developed sites that may be suitable for potential future development. From 16 April 2017 a new duty has been placed on local planning authorities to prepare, maintain and publish a register of previously developed land (brownfield land) which is suitable for residential development. The register is published online and updated regularly to include and new sites and amendments to previously identified sites. The Government is committed to maximising the number of new homes built on suitable brownfield land and has set out its intention to ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020.

How are brownfield sites identified?

"Brownfield land" refers to sites that have been previously built on with a permanent structure. This excludes land in agricultural or forestry use.

For a site to be included on the register it must be at least 0.25ha in size or capable of providing at least five homes, it must be suitable for residential development, it must be available for residential development, and such development should be achievable within fifteen years. You can find the full criteria in the Brownfield Land Regulations 2017.

The register identify previously developed sites in the Borough that we have assessed as being suitable for housing. These are not the only brownfield sites in the Borough. We are required to review the register at least once a year, so new sites will be added to the register once they are assessed.

Brownfield land register 

If you have any queries on the details included on the register, please contact the Strategic Planning team on 01952 384241.

Last updated: 03/05/2022 10:17

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