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Landscape and open space

The existing landscape and open space related planning policies that apply in Telford and Wrekin are set out within the Telford and Wrekin Local Plan. These policies include the designation of land as Green Network in Telford.

These local planning policies are supported by the following evidential documents.

Download the Local Green Infrastructure Needs Study
This is a study of how the existing supply of green infrastructure in Telford and Wrekin currently meets local needs. It considers the full range of green infrastructure functions (not just recreational needs).

View information about the Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study
This is a study of Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment sites at edges of Telford and Newport. These sites have been assessed in terms of the sensitivity of the landscape to development and the potential capacity of the sites for housing development.

Download the Telford and Wrekin Playing Pitch Strategy
Telford and Wrekin Playing Pitch Strategy 2016 provides a clear, robust assessment of the extent to which playing pitch provision within the borough is able to satisfy current, latent and future demand.

Last updated: 05/07/2022 10:27

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