Traffic lights

Telford & Wrekin Council was invited to attend a public meeting at Thomas Telford School in February 2015 to talk about traffic lights.

Download the presentation which has been produced to explain the role that traffic lights play, what factors are considered when determining where traffic lights are used and what actions are being taken to address residents’ concerns.

Traffic lights are used to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians and also to control the flow of traffic.

Traffic conditions are monitored using CCTV and Traffic Management Systems in order to allow appropriate changes to traffic signal timings to suit live traffic conditions. Traffic related messages can be displayed on the Traffic Information Signs at various locations throughout the borough to inform road users of a variety of planned events or live incidents that may have an impact on the highway network.

The traffic lights used in Telford and Wrekin are controlled in a number of different ways:

  • fixed time plans
  • vehicle actuated
  • cableless linking facility
  • urban traffic control
  • split cycle offset optimisation technique.

Temporary traffic lights fault

If the fault is with a set of temporary signals there should be a courtesy board with the signal that has the contact details for the contractor. Please contact the contractor directly. Complete our online form to report the problem with a temporary traffic light, if there is no courtesy board.

View information about applying to place temporary traffic lights and stop/go boards on the highway.

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