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Pride in Hollinswood

The full range of work includes:

  • clearing of fly tipping
  • cutting back of overgrown hedges
  • weed spraying footpaths
  • patching footpath sections, resetting/replacing kerbs and resetting of ironwork
  • resurfacing of footpaths
  • replacement of slabs (where required)
  • surface treatment applied to footpaths.

Micro asphalt treatment is a preventative maintenance treatment, used to seal the existing asphalt surface, improve the texture and help water evaporate. This will be applied to all other footpaths. 

The full range of work will be completed in the phases listed below:

  1. drainage works
  2. civils work/ resetting of ironwork
  3. resurfacing/ micro asphalt surfacing and slabbed area improvements
  4. flexipave (treatment of footpaths damaged by tree roots)
  5. general street scene improvements, painting/ replacing fences and railings.  

Last updated: 18/05/2022 11:21

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