Advice on holiday

On extremely rare occasions a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or conflict can happen in the country you are visiting or back home. In this case the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) is responsible for all British nationals overseas.

British nationals travelling overseas are advised to take sensible precautions especially in areas where a crisis is likely to occur. This applies if you are travelling to or living in a location where there is a high risk of terrorism, unrest or natural disasters.

If you are affected by a crisis overseas view the GOV.UK website for advice on a crises abroad, including terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

It is recommended that if you are visiting another country or city or maybe several places over a period of time, that you check in by phone or text on a regular basis to family or friends so that they know you are safe.

For information on foreign travel advice visit the GOV.UK website.

Last updated: 9.54am on Friday 8 March 2019