Gales and high winds

Gales and high winds are the most common cause of damage and disruption within the UK. In the event of strong winds or gales the Met Office will post weather warnings on their website and you should refer to these for updates:

Visit the Met Office website to view the latest severe weather warnings

It is advised that all garden furniture and loose items such as wheelie bins, potted plants and ornaments, etc. are removed from the garden to stop things from being blown around and causing damage to your property or someone else's. These items could also cause injury to people and pets.

During high winds it is advised that you:

  • stay indoors as much as possible, if you do have to go out, try not to walk or shelter close to buildings and trees. Keep away from the boundary walls and fences
  • do not go outside to repair these during the storm.

After high winds and gales consider the following:

  • do not touch any electrical or telephone cables that are hanging or have been blown down during the storm
  • do not walk to close to walls, buildings and trees that have been weakened in the storm
  • ensure any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe and help make arrangements to fix any repairs. 

View information about how to report trees which are damaged or brought down by the storm

Last updated: 03/05/2022 15:01