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Flooding can arise from many sources and of course is mainly associated with heavy rainfall and rising rivers which have burst their banks, but it can also be caused by blockages in the underground pipes.

Types of flooding

  • River flooding (fluvial flooding)
    This occurs when a river/stream can't cope with the amount of water or when the river/stream is blocked.
  • Surface water flooding (pluvial flooding)
    This occurs during heavy rainfall when the drainage/sewer can't cope with the amount of rainfall.
  • Sewer flooding
    This occurs when a sewer pipe gets blocked or equipment fails.
  • Reservoir flooding
    This occurs when a dam fails or during extreme rainfall.

Visit the GOV.UK website to check your properties flood risk

View information about flooding and drainage

Protect yourself from future flooding

Plan how you'll respond to a flood:

What Telford & Wrekin Council are responsible for:

  • highway drainage, which includes the road gullies and associated pipe work
  • land drainage systems such as ditches, culverts and land drains but only on Council owned land
  • warning and informing about flooding on the Coal Brook Rapid Response Catchment. To sign up to receive flood warnings for this river, please submit a data request through the below form, selecting options: another issue < data request < Coalbrookdale flood warning list < be added to warning list.

Complete our online form to report flooding and drainage problems

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