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Biodiversity net gain

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is a development approach that seeks to enhance the biodiversity of a site over a fixed period of time, ultimately resulting in a higher biodiversity value than prior to the development. The biodiversity value of a site is measured prior to development to establish the baseline. This involves an assessment of the types of habitat present such as grassland, woodland, heathland or hedgerow, and a condition assessment to establish the quality of the habitats present. A second biodiversity assessment of the post-development site design and landscaping proposals is then carried out to establish the biodiversity unit value of the completed development, using the same criteria as the baseline assessment. The aim of BNG is for the post-development biodiversity value to be higher than the baseline. BNG aims to halt the national net loss of biodiversity, to reverse the decline and to support the delivery of better quality, better connected ecological networks.

Download Telford & Wrekin Council's current position statement

Download the Natural England document providing some more information on biodiversity net gain.

Visit the DEFRA website to find the Statutory Biodiversity Metric.

Telford & Wrekin has a dedicated Ecology Team which is able to provide the following services:

  • habitat surveys for assessments and monitoring, including both UKHabs and River Condition Assessments to comply with BNG
  • advice and support with your metric calculations
  • site design and management planning to maximise your onsite Biodiversity Net Gain
  • provision of offsite biodiversity units where you are really struggling to get them all in onsite.

To enquire about these and any other ecological services we offer please complete this enquiry form:

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