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Adult Social Care Charging Policies Review

From 1 January 2024 the following changes will be made to the Adult Social Care Charging Policies.

The policies will:

  • continue providing the best care and support to people in need;
  • continue applying charging rules equally so people with similar needs and services across the borough are treated the same, whether they receive care services from us or from other providers
  • be sustainable in the long term - bring Telford and Wrekin social care charges in line with the government standards and those of other local authorities.

We will continue to ensure that people are not charged more than they can reasonably afford following an individual financial assessment. 

The changes are:

This table shows the changes.


Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) (non – residential) 



To change the calculation of the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) figure used in the non-residential financial assessment to the level permitted by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), following due consideration of its appropriateness for Telford and Wrekin.

As part of the formulation of the new policy, consultation and decision-making process, Officers have considered the appropriateness of using the MiG rate in Telford and Wrekin.

The DHSC MIG will be implemented in a phased way. From 1 January 2024 the change to the MIG amount will be reduced by 75% of the difference between the current MIG level and level permitted by the DHSC (the original proposal). From 1 January 2025 the MIG will be reduced to the level permitted by the DHSC.


Implement Tariff Income (non-residential) 

To introduce tariff income in the calculation of the financial assessment for non-residential care. (Tariff income is a weekly amount added to a person’s income to take account of the notional income they receive from their capital). 


High-rate Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance 

To include as income the high rates of Attendance Allowance and Disability Living allowance in the financial assessment. 

(Where night-time care is funded privately the difference between the lower/middle and higher rate will be disregarded in the financial assessment.)


Charging self-funders for brokering and administration of care 

To introduce an ongoing annual administrative charge to self-funders for sourcing, arranging and the administration of care. 


Telford and Wrekin Appointee and Deputy Services 


To introduce a weekly administrative charge for people in receipt of Appointee Services provided by the Council. To be increased annually in line with inflation. 


To pass on charges for bank and prepayment card charges for people in receipt of Deputy and Appointee Services provided by the Council. 


To introduce an annual property management fee to people in rented accommodation who are in receipt of Deputy services provided by the Council.


Community Alarms 

To introduce a charge for the monitoring and administration charge for Council-funded Community Alarms.


Deferred Payment Agreement 

To increase Deferred Payment Agreement fees and introduce an annual administration charge. 

To support individuals to transition onto the new charges additional actions have been agreed which can be found in the key decision report.

View the Key Decision Report

What happens next? 

During the implementation phase, prior to 1 January 2024 (when the new policy will take effect), individual letters will be sent to everyone who will be affected by the changes.Within the letter will be information about the charges, what that means financially, support available and when they will be impacted by the changes.

Where appropriate, the Financial Case Management Team will follow up the letters with the individual, or their nominated representative.

Alongside this, stakeholders, including the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, will be contacted to inform them of the decision, alongside what support is available for people.

Last updated: 30/10/2023 11:36

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