Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Please don’t make us give you a parking ticket. From 31 January 2020 we will be able to issue fines. Please park legally and considerately.

Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Care Act assessment

If you are finding everyday activities hard to manage, you or someone on your behalf can contact us to discuss your situation. With your agreement, we can complete an assessment with you to find out what your needs are.

What is a Care Act assessment?

A Care Act assessment is when we will discuss with you, your family, friends, carer or advocate, your situation and how you are managing everyday activities. This could include managing your personal care, getting out and about and being part of the community or household tasks that you are no longer able to do.

This will help us to understand what you are able to do and what support you may need to carry on living independently. We will be guided by your thoughts and views and as part of the assessment we will look at any risks and the outcomes you would like to achieve, as well as your wellbeing.

Who can have a Care Act assessment?

  • If you are a permanent resident within Telford and Wrekin.
  • If you are over the age of 18.
  • If you are in the process of transition from children’s services to adult services.
  • Or if you are leaving care.

If you look after someone you can ask for a Carers assessment. View more information and support available for Carers in the Looking after someone information pages.

Where can I have an assessment?

Depending on your needs and preferences you can have a Care Act assessment over the telephone or face to face.

Who will do the assessment?

A Social Worker or Adult Practitioner will work with you to identify your needs and outcomes.

What happens next?

When you have been assessed and we are clear what your support needs are we will then work out if you are eligible for any support. We do this using the guidelines and rules set out by the government, these are called Eligibility Criteria. View more information on eligibility criteria page.

If we provide support to you we will discuss the options available.

If we are unable to support you we will offer you advice and information of other organisations that may be able to help.

Assessment reviews

A review happens at least once a year unless your circumstances change or you feel things are not working well.

Is there a charge for a Care Act assessment?

The assessment and any information and advice are free. The services you receive as a result of the assessment are not free. Depending on your financial circumstances you may have to contribute to the cost of any support provided. To find out if you are eligible for financial support we will complete a financial assessment.

What is a financial assessment?

This looks at your income, including pensions, savings and benefits. View information on Paying for your care. The information you give us will be treated confidentially and will only be shared with other people with your permission.

How do I request a Care Act Assessment?

If you require first time help or are unsure what help is available, My Choice will assist you to make a referral to Adult Social Care and will assist you to access information, advice or advocacy.

My Choice are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 01952 459252

Alternatively if you are Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing or unable to use a phone, you can email:

Family Connect and Adult Safeguarding

  • If you wish to make a referral for care and support and/or occupational therapy.
  • If you already receive services from Adult Social Care and your circumstances have changed.
  • If you want to report concerns of abuse, neglect or harm or you are at risk - you need to report it.

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Telephone: 01952 385385
Text (SMS): 07797 875385

The Care Act 2014

If you would like further information visit our Care Act 2014 information pages.

Last updated: 6.17pm on Wednesday 28 August 2019