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Online payments - issue with Google Chrome

Commissioning for vulnerable people

Our team commissions and encourages the development of help and support services throughout the Borough of Telford and Wrekin to enable local community access of services for vulnerable adults, children and young people and their families that can support and enable them to live well. 

We do this in partnership with the local community, services and professionals to ensure that services are value for money, meet the individual/families’ needs and help them to achieve their personal outcomes.

Therefore we are committed to working with existing and new providers, community groups and micro enterprises to ensure that we have a diverse and sustainable market place that meets their support and social care needs.

Where accommodation based services are required we work with the child/adult, providers, other local authorities, regulatory bodies and professionals across health and social care to determine the right type of accommodation/service that will help to develop the adult/child to thrive and achieve their outcomes.

Our market position statements for adults and children and young people provide an overview of our current priorities and give an indication of what types of services vulnerable adults and children need. Any comments/feedback is welcomed; for adults please forward your comments to: and for children’s please forward your comments to

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