If you are homeless or concerned about the possibility of losing your home, it is extremely important that you seek advice at the earliest opportunity.

Visit the Housing Jigsaw website to register your details with the Housing Solutions team, this is the Council's tool kit for delivering housing and homelessness services. Once your details have been registered an officer will be in contact to discuss your circumstances.

Once registered you will be able to log into your account to see the status of your case.

Changes to the eviction process due to Coronavirus "know your rights"

From 20 September 2020 the courts will start to deal with evictions again, following a pause during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Your landlord must follow a legal process if they want to end your tenancy.

There are two different eviction notices your landlord can use to end an assured shorthold tenancy, and both notices can be issued at the same time:

Your landlord doesn’t need to give a reason to end your tenancy using this notice (no fault possession procedure).

Please note notice periods have been temporarily extended because of Coronavirus.

This table displays your eviction notice period under a Section 21 notice.
Date of notice Minimum notice period
On or after 29 August 2020 6 months
Between 26 March and 28 August 2020 3 months
Before 26 March 2020 2 months

Your landlord can give you a Section 8 notice if they have a legal reason or 'ground' to end your tenancy. For example, rent arrears.

Most Section 8 notices given on or after 29 August 2020 need to give 6 months.

However, your landlord can give you a shorter notice in some circumstances. For example, they can give you:

  • 4 weeks’ notice if you’re in at least 6 months’ rent arrears
  • 2 weeks’ notice because of antisocial behaviour.

Between 26 March 2020 and 28 August 2020 the notice period was 3 months.

Before 26 March 2020 it depended on the reason. Notices for rent arrears only needed to give 2 weeks.

When your notice period expires

Following the expiry of your Section 21 or Section 8 notice period your landlord must apply to court for a possession order, this may take some time due to the current backlog of cases.

If your landlord tries to evict you themselves without going to court, this will be an illegal eviction.

If you are in fear of being evicted and require further advice please call our Tenancy Relations team:

Telephone: 01952 381877 or 01952 381875
Email: jill.bleazard@telford.gov.uk or Kathy.hawley@telford.gov.uk

Seeking alternative accommodation

Before seeing us you should try to find alternative accommodation yourself by looking with local letting agencies, search engines and local providers.

Visit the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website for current local housing allowance rates)

Preventing homelessness

The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 means that we have duties to prevent and relieve homelessness if you are threatened with homelessness within 56 days or homeless now.

The Housing Solutions team will complete a personalised housing plan with you and will set actions that you and the Council are required to complete.

It also means that you must take action to prevent yourself from becoming homeless or to end your homelessness, and that you must co-operate with any efforts we make to help you.

Getting help

Help us to help you,be prepared.

So we can assess your situation more effectively, you may be asked to provide some or all of the following documentation either by uploading the documents onto your housing account or bring them with you to your appointment.

  • proof of your identity
  • details of your income
  • if you have a child or are expecting a child birth certificates or proof of pregnancy
  • if you are renting a home your tenancy agreement and any notice served by the landlord
  • if your home is to be sold confirmation from a solicitor the sale of your property, amount of mortgage outstanding and any capital you are likely to receive
  • legal action to repossess your home any court orders for possession or warrants for bailiffs possession.

Alternatively you can contact the Housing Solutions team to speak to an officer and request an interview, this may be a telephone or face to face interview.

Rough sleeping

If your concerned about someone sleeping rough or you are sleeping rough yourself in the Telford and Wrekin area you can contact the Housing Solutions team

The Housing Solutions team can also work with Maninplace and Stay Outreach for assistance with emergency night by night accommodation. 

How to register with a GP if you are homeless

Visit the GOV.UK website for information on how to access a GP if your homeless

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