Ironbridge power station

Ironbridge Power Station Redevelopment

We recognise that the power station was a significant feature of the landscape of Ironbridge and has significant public interest.


The majority of the site is located within the administrative area of Shropshire Council. The application for it's demolition was approved by Shropshire Council in November 2017. The 4 cooling towers were demolished on 6 December 2019.


The planning application is an outline application (access for consideration comprising the formation of two vehicular accesses off A4169 road) for the development of up to 1,000 dwellings, retirement village, employment land comprising classes B1(A), B1(C), B2 and B8, retail and other uses comprising classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, D1 and D2, allotments, sports pitches, a railway link, leisure uses, primary/nursery school, a park and ride facility, walking and cycling routes and associated landscaping, drainage and infrastructure works. The application is accompanied by an environmental statement.

Current outline planning applications

Harworth Group who currently own the site have now submitted an outline planning application for mixed use development across the site. This outline application crosses the boundary of Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council and will be considered by both authorities, who will work in partnership to consider the proposed development and its implications on both the immediate and wider environments. 

View the application on Telford & Wrekin Council's website

View the application on Shropshire Council's website

You can also view the Council's planning application online at our Business & Planning First Point reception in Wellington Civic Offices between 8.45am - 4pm Monday to Friday. A copy of the plans are available to view at The Gorge parish council offices.

If you are a Telford and Wrekin resident/business and would like to submit any comments on this application you should submit these to Telford & Wrekin Council before the 20 March 2020 under the Council's reference TWC/2019/1046 - submit your comments online. If you have received a planning application consultation letter please follow the instructions with the letter.

Consultation comments will be taken into consideration when determining this planning application and a summary of consultation comments will be passed to Shropshire Council. This does not preclude you from making comments directly to Shropshire Council under their reference 19/05560/OUT.

Unfortunately we do not acknowledge or respond to comments individually due to the quantity we receive, neither are we able to update you individually on its progress, however, we will notify you of the decision. 

This application will be considered by both Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire Council Planning Committees. We are unable to inform you directly of which Planning Committee meetings this will be considered by.

If you know of any other person with an interest in the site or who are likely to be affected by the application please bring this page to their attention. Any party may comment on the applications and is not restricted to those who are directly notified.

Mineral planning application

In addition to the above application, Harworth Group Plc have also submitted a mineral planning application to Shropshire Council for the extraction and processing of sand and gravel. This application is not a cross boundary application and will be determined by Shropshire Council only. Any comments you wish to make will need to be directed to Shropshire Council. Further information can be found on their website under planning reference 19/05509/MAW

Other information

Further information in relation to the site can also be found at: