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Personal Assistant (PA)

What is a PA?

A PA is someone who is usually employed directly by a person who needs support to live their life in a way they choose. An individual can employ a Personal Assistant to support them following a Care Act assessment if they have care and support needs.

A PA can also be employed by a family member or representative, when the person they are supporting does not have the physical or mental capacity to be the employer.

However, a PA always works directly with the individual they are supporting. It’s most likely that this should be through an employed arrangement, rather than being self-employed. People employing PAs are often referred to as individual employers.

As a PA you are likely to be involved in many aspects of your employer’s life and may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work. 

If you are in receipt of a direct payment, visit the Live Well Telford website to find a PA

How to become a PA

Visit the Live Well Telford website if you are interested in becoming a PA, you will find out about the PA role, how to register as a PA, support and training available as well as a detailed PA handbook that covers important information such as training, qualifications and guidance on managing your relationship with your employer.

Register to become a Personal Assistant

You can access training from Learn Telford, visit learn telford's website to view the latest courses information

COVID-19 Updates for PA's

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