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Community Action Teams (CATs)

Community Action Team header - image of two people and the pride in our community logo and plant pots.


CATs provide an area-focussed service to help create better neighbourhoods as part of our commitment to creating a better borough. 

They are part of our Pride in Our Community programme which is seeing £50m invested to keep neighbourhoods clean, green and safe.

We first trialled them in Woodside in August 2020 and then rolled them out to other areas in April 2021.

Watch this video to see the reaction of local Woodside residents:

CATs are jointly funded by us and participating town or parish councils to pick up extra jobs based on what’s needed in their neighbourhoods. Their work is in addition to the day to day work our street cleaning, grounds maintenance and enforcement teams do.

It’s often the small improvements that make a big difference, jobs like clearing weeds from footpaths and cutting back overgrown shrubs. Some teams also have an enforcement officer who deals with issues such as fly tipping and irresponsible parking around schools.

Each CAT is different, based on the needs of the area they serve.

Watch this video to see the launch of the CATs:

There are 29 town and parish councils in Telford and Wrekin, and currently 13 have partnered us in setting up a CAT including:

There are currently 13 CATs dedicated to providing enhanced public realm and enforcement services in 13 areas of the borough. 

They are paid for by participating town and parish councils with match funding from Telford & Wrekin Council, together we are creating a better borough!

As each area is different, the package is tailored to meet the needs, priorities and budgets of each individual councils.

Some have opted for a public realm team to look after the environment, an environmental liaison officer, neighbourhood enforcement officer and CCTV, and others have just opted for CCTV.

If you have any questions or enquires about the Community Action Teams please contact us on email: envmaintcs@telford.gov.uk.

View our save time and do it online page if you need to report an issue in your local area you can do so by competing our online forms.