LABC 10 reasons to choose us!

A photo of two contractors reviewing site plans on a building site

The safety of your new home or development is of paramount importance and our team of qualified experts at Telford & Wrekin Council lead the way. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose LABC building control services when it comes to all of your construction needs.

Building Regulations are the standards in place to make sure that any work carried out protects the health and welfare of people in and around built up in environments.

Telford & Wrekin Council building control surveyors, as part of the LABC are here to offer advice and guidance on meeting the necessary standards. Choosing an LABC qualified surveyor to carry out required work means you get excellent, reliable service and can be sure of the service you are getting.

We are local and know the area. Our qualified and experienced surveyors have the best knowledge of local ground conditions, local sites and local history. We are only a few moments away so if you have an unexpected problem we can respond quickly.

We are part of the LABC, an organisation that spans the UK and has unrivalled technical expertise. With in-depth Building Regulations knowledge, our surveyors will help you find solutions to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.

We encourage innovation. If you are doing something new, different or complicated we will work with you and consult with our national partners for advice at no extra cost. We even have registers of products, design and specification details that you can use completely free of charge.

We offer free building regulation advice even before you submit an application. We are happy to talk about a job long before you start. Early conversations often save time and money.

We are totally independent, impartial and accountable. As part of Telford & Wrekin Council, our job is to work with local businesses and the local community. We provide a service that is not there to make a profit.

Our fees are competitive and good value. We check your plans, we provide help and advice and we believe that site visits are important. If you hit a problem then we will be there to help. We are an extra pair of eyes and you can rely on us to back you up. We are also the only body as the Local Authority who can give you the peace of mind of a Completion Certificate.

We can provide more than just building regulation advice. Telford & Wrekin Council bring together a range of specialists, and can provide expert advice relating to planning, conservation, highway design, ecology, drainage and geotechnical matters. We actively work alongside other external organisations including the Fire and Rescue service, and Environment Agency. This can save you time and extra consultancy fees, reducing the risk.

We look at all plans. If you use our Full Plans service we give you proper confirmation that your plans are approved. We aim to carry our full plans check within 5 working days, so you can start specifying materials, deliveries and organising trades with the confidence that your project is ready to start.

We offer lots of other services. From demolition advice to our structural checking service we can offer a number of services in house. Working with our partners, we can offer energy calculations, acoustic surveys and testing, fire engineering, structural engineering, training and CPD seminars.

You can contact us easily. Making a building regulation application is easy and we are here to help. You can submit your application by phone, online or in the post. Once submitted you can book your site inspections online, by phone or via the LABC app.

For further advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Building Control team on 01952 384555 or via email at

Last updated: 10/05/2022 16:19