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Our co-operative values

We work together with our residents, partners and local organisations to collectively deliver the best we can for Telford and Wrekin. We believe that how we do things is just as important as what we do. That is why we have adopted co-operative values.

These values provide the framework for how we will work. They set out the basis for the council's relationship, or "deal", with residents, a commitment for what the council will do but also that we are asking our residents to accept and act on their own responsibilities.

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Openness and honesty

Acting with openness and honesty means we will be open and honest in the way we work and make decisions and communicate in a clear, simple and timely way. We ask everyone to be open and honest about what they want to improve in their community.

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Taking ownership for us means that we are accountable for our own actions whilst also empowering others with the skills to help themselves. We ask everyone to the best of their abilities, to take action and responsibility for themselves and their community.

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Fairness and respect

Showing fairness and respect for us means that we respond to people’s needs in a fair and consistent way. We ask everyone to respect and care for themselves and others, valuing the different ideas and skills that people bring and treating each other as equals.

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We work together with our communities, involving people in decisions that affect their lives and be prepared to listen and take on new ideas. We ask everyone to work with and support others, get involved and share their views to help us develop the way we do things.

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