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Adult and children's social care

We will always meet the assessed needs of vulnerable people and prioritise these essential services.

Delivering social care services to support the most vulnerable adults and children in our borough accounts for three quarters of our annual revenue budget (more than £7 in every £10 the council spends).

A graph showing that more than 70% of the council’s revenue spend goes to social care

A graph showing What the council spends its revenue on

These are services that have seen huge increases in terms of both demand and costs over the last few years.

Despite our lobbying, government funding to support local services has been slashed recently and local authorities like us have been left to care on our own.

As part of the proposed total council tax increase of 4.99%, we will apply the Government’s 2% Adult Social Care precept for next year.

All of the funding generated from the total 4.99% increase will be invested in the provision of social care services to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

The proposed council tax increase will raise £4.04m towards the £13.5m additional investment that is required into our Adult Social Care and Children’s Safeguarding and Family Support services next year, with the additional investment required being found through savings.

Download the full budget papers


To share your feedback on these proposals, please email yourviewsmatter@telford.gov.uk by 4 February 2024.

This consultation period has now ended.

Last updated: 05/02/2024 14:03

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